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    Drop Down Forum Selector Thingy?

    Where did the drop down forum selector box go?
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    Magic Items...

    They haven't said too much about them eh? Personally, while I still want to be able to build magic items, and such... I'd rather they not be the "template" version we've had in the past. I'm beginning to think this is what really kills the "magic" in magic items for me. When instead of "Ohhh a...
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    3-D Adventure set...

    Is this something the collective "we" knew about? It's a box in the picture at the bottom of this article: In The Works errthing gettin 3-d up in here.
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    Info from Mearls

    Explains a few things! http://www.wizards.com/dnd/Article.aspx?x=dnd/4ll/20120528 Sent from my DROID BIONIC using Tapatalk 2
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    Aesthetic vrs Stat Build Possible?

    So the armor thing that people are talking about brings up something I've been thinking about... Is it really possible to build a game that suits both people who want design choices made based on Aesthetics AND those who want design choices made based on balance and stats? It seems like a...
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    Magic Item Talk

    Robert Schwalb talks magic items in his blog: Blogy Blog
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    Skills... WoTC Blog Post

    I got mad skillz yo Another blog entry about skills... Not a ton we don't already know. (Maybe nothing we didn't already know?) Sounds like the auto success thing is out though?
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    Fighter Powers, and Magic Items

    Ok, so know there is a group that doesn't like 4e style fighter powers. A common thought is they feel to magic like... So why not roll with that in 5e? Link the powers idea to magic items, and give rules for either using them as powers attached to magic items, or just as fighter maneuvers-...
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    Monte on Life and Death (And Resurrection)

    Here is Monte Cook's latest Blog about Resurrection spells Latest Bloggy Blog Blog Have any of you actually used a resurrection/raise dead type spell as written?
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    The Cleric, The Paladin, and Multisysteming

    Walk into a bar... BLOGY BLOG BLOG New Blog about making the "sub" classes.
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    A transition I want to see...

    It's interesting to me... I see people talking about what they hope is in D&D Next, but then also what they hope is NOT a part of D&D Next. I think people are thinking about it incorrectly... I THINK at least the idea isn't going to be so much a this rule OR that rule in the game, so much as...
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    The Very Very Core...

    So if they were making the basic bottom level version of the game... Stripped of as many rules as possible what would you believe still needs to be in the game in order for it to be playable, and I Guess still feel like D&D. (Based on rules that currently exist in some form of D&D) I'm...
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    What Rules Supported "Exploration"

    What rules would you say over the various editions directly supported "exploration" in the game?
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    Module Scope...

    Here's something I hope. I hope that when we do start finally seeing information about the rules add on modules, they aren't like an "all or nothing" concept. It doesn't sounds like they plan for them to be, but still.
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    Google+ Users?

    Hi All, Anyone on here find themselves using Google+ lately? I've found a few of you on there, but I want to create a massive circle of gaming enthusiasts. :) Anyone care to share? Here is my profile. ME!
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    CB and MB on Ubuntu?

    Is anyone out there on enWorld running the character builder on Ubuntu? I've read that Moonlight is the linux version of Silverlight... but not sure if it actually works? :P
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    0 Level Character Rules are up

    Neat way to handle them... HERE :)
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    I'ma moooonster! BUILDER!

    New MB appears to be up!
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    What the HEck?

    Anyone know what the heck THIS is?
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    Story Elements in RPGs...

    Ok I'm not entirely sure what this post is about. I was just kind of thinking about stories and how they relate to the story being "told" in an RPG. I know there are different thoughts about this- IE some start with a story for the campaign, and others see the evolving campaign as the story...