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  1. Desh-Rae-Halra

    D&D 5E Here Are The Races In The New Eberron Book

    If you like goblins, you might like Pathfinder 2. They are a core race now
  2. Desh-Rae-Halra

    Invisible Sun in Metro Detroit?

    Hi, I was hoping there were some people playing Invisible Sun in the area. Ann Arbor would be fine as well. Thanks
  3. Desh-Rae-Halra

    Monster ENCyclopedia: Quickling

    Hmmm...... never would of made the connection :) *fingers crossed for Rakshasa*
  4. Desh-Rae-Halra

    Monster ENCyclopedia: Quickling

    I dig these columns! Wonder what is up next?
  5. Desh-Rae-Halra

    Numenera 2: The Kickstarter Is Live!

    I've been a Numenera fan and own most of their material. The thing not working for me is I don't need the one corebook that is a rules update. The rules section of the Numenera Corebook is pretty smal and simple as it is, and I'm not going to pay for a 80-90% rehash of the setting ( which is...
  6. Desh-Rae-Halra

    News Digest: Starfinder Second Printing, More Star Trek Adventures, Fallout Update, and more!

    In Numenera they are called Glaives (you have a typo) . The All Books In Print pledge level is one of those you invest in to see how far the campaign can go. It will only become really worthwhile later in the campaign as they start unlocking more books. I wish they would have made a Pledge...
  7. Desh-Rae-Halra

    Monte Cook announces Numenera 2 Kickstarter and the Village of Ellomyr

    Worried that Discovery is just going to be base Cypher System re-skin of Numenera
  8. Desh-Rae-Halra

    Can the Geek Crate Model Survive?

    That is what turned me off to them...there would be one or two good things, and a bunch of stuff I would just throw away. Plus, I am an old school, want it in print kind of gamer, so the PDF offerings were a waste. The other thing, and I understand it is marketing, but you might get one fantasy...
  9. Desh-Rae-Halra

    #RPGaDAY Day 29: What has been the best-run Kickstarter you have backed?

    I have to give it to Kobold Press...I have backed a lot of Kickstarters (194 to date) and they come through every time. They listen to what Backers want, they provide a seriously good product, they are engaged in the comments both before AND after funding, you get timely updates...they really...
  10. Desh-Rae-Halra

    Sean's Picks of the Week (0821-0825) - Owen K.C. Stephens Week!

    Need a high quality print run of that Starfarer's Companion....
  11. Desh-Rae-Halra

    #RPGaDAY Day 26: Which RPG provides the most useful resources?

    Seems like people are focused on supplements. I would say Shadows of Esteren. They have some of the best handouts for running their adventures/stories....full color beautiful art every time. Plus, they have their own tiles, coins, and coming soon, Tarot Deck that are all fully functional within...
  12. Desh-Rae-Halra

    #RPGaDAY Day 19: Which RPG features the best writing?

    Who reads fluff.....give me the CRUNCH! :) Me with a new RPG "Yeah yeah yeah, here's your little story, just let me get to the part of how I make a character!!! - flips through Table of Contents quickly).
  13. Desh-Rae-Halra

    Congratulations to the 2017 Gen Con EN World RPG Award Winners!

    Oh, and glad Chaosium won so many awards...maybe now they can start making things right towards their former author William Jones. They should have won a Hall of Shame award for the way they have treated him.
  14. Desh-Rae-Halra

    Congratulations to the 2017 Gen Con EN World RPG Award Winners!

    Morrus, I get it.... Its just that as someone who has gamed a long time, I just look at how Pinnacle/ (and our own Sean Patrick Fannon) took Rifts, (fantastic setting, maybe would win for most horrible rules) and turned it on it's head to be so good for Savage Worlds. He put a shot of adrenaline...
  15. Desh-Rae-Halra

    Congratulations to the 2017 Gen Con EN World RPG Award Winners!

    This is the first year I'm actually pissed about the outcomes. I get Tales from the Loop was a smash hit.....I just don't know how Savage Rifts or Polaris didn't get any love......and Wizards = Best Publisher? Seriously???
  16. Desh-Rae-Halra

    Monte Cook Games Announced Numenera 2: Discovery & Destiny!

    I am worried about the amount of re-hash. I have Numenera, The Strange, and Cypher System as well as the Character Options for each....this was an element I was disappointed with in the Cypher System in that a LOT was rehashed. I don't know if Base Building sounds like a lot of fun in an RPG...
  17. Desh-Rae-Halra

    Starfinder Witness These Many Starfinder Books!

    Contacted Paizo and seems like there was some mix up...I pre-ordered but there was a glitch in their system that said something was back-ordered ( which should not apply to pre-orders)...thankfully, the person was able to fix it and allegedly my order was sent right out....
  18. Desh-Rae-Halra

    Starfinder Witness These Many Starfinder Books!

    Happy for Paizo, but also kind of annoyed. I pre-ordered the very first day it went up, and still don't have anything. According to my order status, my stuff hasn't even shipped yet.