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    Review of Player Minion & DM Minion by Goat Head Software

    Having a problem... Ok, first, I just wanted to say thank you to Goat Head Software for releasing a lite/free version: I like what I am seeing but need to figure out a problem I am haing before I buy it. So, without further ado: I am attempting to use DM Minion Lite. When I first launch the...
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    D&D 4E Former 4E doubter , I have high hopes now

    First off, before the 4e announcement was made, I had stated (and I quote) "3.x is EXACTLY what I need, and since I have invested so much time and money in it, I have no intentions of going on to another edition." I seem to be eating those words (which my wife jokingly harasses me about...
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    PrC idea......(Only an idea right now)

    I am in Iraq, and away from my books right now, so I am unable to do much REAL work on this idea, but this is what I am kinda working on. First off, I want a no more than 8 lvl PrC. It will progress both meldshaping level and binding level, in a manner similar to the True Necromancer (i.e. no...
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    Ziggurat Con - the most important con you won't attend this year.

    Just wanted to say thanks I am trying to post everywhere I am hearing/reading about this. You see, I am actually at Tallil right now, and am HOPING to be able to attend (cannot quite guarantee time off out here). As such, I just want to say thank you to everyone sending stuff. Even if I...
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    PrC idea......(Only an idea right now)

    So, I was thinking of some of the "new" systems Wizards has released over the course of 3.x, and I like alot of them. As I was watching an anime (yes I know many people hate anime inspired D&D, but just bear with me) I thought how about well you could combine a Binder with and Incarnum user...
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    How many countries have you entered ENWorld forums from?

    Germany US Iraq Kuwait South Korea (Though maybe Afghanistan soon.)
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    Ray Prestige Class Help

    To be honest, it is partially a balancing factor. My gut instinct was that the Ray Weaving ability combined with several of the others may be a bit too strong. As such, I put those feat prereqs in there to make it a little harder to pursue. The other thing, is even though they do not...
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    Ray Prestige Class Help

    So, long story short, I was looking around, and noticed there are no prestige classes for people who really want to specialize with rays. So I created a PrC. I am submitting it now for critiquing, and help naming it. Without further ado...
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    Purposeful Caster

    Another current thread got me into thinking about ASF, so here is my suggestion. Purposeful Caster (General) Benefit: You may choose to take longer casting spells with somatic components, doing so allows you to ignore ASF. Spells with a casting time of 1 swift action instead become 1 standard...
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    Disintegrate Question

    The wording of Disintegrate kind of intrigued me, forcing me to ask a question. This is the specific wording in question: "Only the first creature or object struck can be affected; that is, the ray affects only one target per casting." Ok, sounds pretty straightforward, but not when you take...
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    Wish or Miracle and gaining a feat

    I say treat it like wishing for ability scores. One wish grants one feat, and to gain feats with pre-requisites you must successively cast wish to wish through the chain. If you gained one of the pre-reqs some other way than wish, then you cannot wish further down the chain. Wish for PA, take...
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    Spell Mastery Variants That Do Not Suck

    I like this variant, alot, but think that it could use a bit of tweaking. A first level wizard with an 18 INT could cast two first level spells per day. With this feat, that same wizard could cast NINE FIRST LEVEL SPELLS PER DAY! That is one heck of a jump! Instead, although I still think it...
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    The Mystic Theurge, in feat form.

    Wouldn't an easy fix for that be to require a second level divine caster? The ranger/paladin combo would have to take four levels, but the standard divine users get no punishment. RisnDevil
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    Rappan Athuk Reloaded Questions

    Our group is going to be losing one of our players one week a month. We only play three times a month as is, so we do not wish to cancel that one week, but do not wish to play that game when he is not there. As such, I am getting Rappan Athuk Reloaded at a really great price, which my DM is...
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    Any interest in a Monster Compendium?

    That is a truly great idea! I would also suggest making the artwork for all the monsters one ginormous web-enhancement for people that want it.
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    Looking for an item

    I posted in General, but I was not sure just where this should go, so here goes. Wizards.com had a magic item that they created within the past 2 years that was a quiver. The quiver could be made to produce any kind of arrow you wanted, within the parameters you set upon creation. So you...
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    Looking for an Item

    A while back, I remember WotC posting a quiver on thier website that magically created arrows. You could pay more to make a quiver that could magically create different types of arrows. Does anybody have the link to that article? Thanks in advance, RisnDevil
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    Age of Worms Character Creation Advice

    Hey all, I am not looking for any spoilers about the story, but I am about to be starting the Age of Worms. I don't know who is going to be playing what yet, so I was wondering what everyone would advise for the four basic character types? We can use the PHB, EPsHB, all the completes, and...
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    New Campaign Survey for Player Likes/Dislikes

    http://www.enworld.org/showthread.php?t=163144 This MIGHT help a little.
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    Azrael..what ya think? scared? :) I am!!!

    Dante58701 - I don't know if you are familiar with it, but I suggest you go to and post this information at Dicefreaks. If you don't know about it, there is a very large community there that truly supports Epic level play, as opposed to the response you got here. That having been said, MY...