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    Advice on sandboxy multiple adventure path mishmash

    So I'm thinking of converting several older adventures for our new 5e game. Anyone have any experience with combining/overlapping several adventure paths with addition of single or short campaign arc adventures into a multi-thread sandbox? I've had some difficulties in the past with this -...
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    Still jazzed about...

    I'm still enthralled by Twilight:2013. The campaign setting reboot was not done well, bu the mechanics are really solid and there is no other game out there that does modern military/near-future post-apocalyptic better. Unfortunately, I never managed to pick up the last adventure written...
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    Homebrew Pathfinder Game Mechanics - Looking for Suggestions and Comments

    So I'm considering instituting some homebrew changes to Pathfinder, taking inspiration from a different game system, and looking at the following areas: 1. Changing the core mechanic to a roll-low d20 dice pool system. 2. Getting rid of BAB. 3. Getting rid of saving throws as they currently...
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    Thinking of Buying Herolab

    So I'm considering purchasing Herolab. I've got pcgen and it works good for what it does, but I am frustrated by the inability to quickly take something from 3.5 and quickly create custom data for Pathfinder (I've no problems doing the actual conversion from 3.5 to PF by hand prior to making it...
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    Pathfinder 1E Winslow, NJ Pathfinder Forgotten Realms

    Mature (40+) group looking for one or two more players for our Forgotten Realms campaign using Pathfinder rules. We're currently involved in the Cormyr-Shadowdale-Anauroch series, but vary source material for follow-on campaigns. We've played in Eberron, Kalamar, Greyhawk, and DCC's Aereth...
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    Pathfinder 1E West Berlin/Winslow, NJ - Pathfinder

    Looking for one or more players who would be interested in a campaign using the Pathfinder rules. We normally play every Monday or Tuesday night at my home in Winslow, New Jersey. At one time there were 7 of us, but real-world intrusions caused two of the players to drop out. 4e came out and...
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    Pathfinder 1E South Jersey Pathfinder Campaign

    Looking for one or two players for a currently-ongoing Pathfinder game set in the World of Aereth campaign setting. We originally had 5 players but then life got in the way and we were down to 3 players. One of those has also had to leave due to military deployment. We've been making due by...
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    AD&D Campaign/Adventure Path Recommendations

    Other than the T1-4, A1-4, GDQ1-7 supermodules as an adventure path, can anyone provide suggestions on stringing together AD&D 1e modules in a logical adventure path? I'm looking to put together a path with multiple branching trees. Thanks in advance.
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    Pathfinder 1E South Jersey - Pathfinder Game Seeking Player(s)

    We are in the middle of a Pathfinder game set in Goodman Games' DCC World of Aereth and looking for 1 or more players. There are 3 players, plus me (the DM) but one of us will be going on hiatus for the birth of his child, followed by being deployed by the Army, so I'm looking for 1 or 2...
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    Gamers Seeking Gamers - Blank Page

    Attempting to access the Gamers Seeking Gamers widget. Regardless of whether clicking on it from the forum, from the main page, or even from CM, it sits there for a while and then it results in a blank page.
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    Twilight:2000 as Applied to 3.x

    I'm thinking of adapting either the Twilight:2000 v2.2 or Twilight:2013 hit point/damage system to 3.x. Basics: You have a "base" hit point value that is dependent upon your physical strength and health (some combination of the equivalent of Str and Con) that does not change with increased...
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    Lead-In Adventures for Red Hand of Doom?

    I'm working on getting a new campaign going and am planning on basing at around Red Hand of Doom, set in Channath Vale in FR per the designers notes and sidebars. I want to start the campaign at 1st level, though, so I need some other adventures prior to RHoD. Any suggestions for published...
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    Making the Skill System Work

    Ok, I've been reading about the skill system stuff - complex skills, etc., and I thought back to the original D20 system used for TW:2K v2.2 Right now, with 3.x, the skill system assumes a DC of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, etc. Nice 25% increments (25% assuming each digit on a d20 is 5%). This makes...
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    TW:2K/Darklands Style Character Generation

    I've been mulling allowing my players to take a single level of an NPC class as "0th level" - commoner, aristocrat, expert as part of their "before I became an adventurer" background and it got me thinking about the Twilight:2000 (v2/2.2) and Darklands (CRPG) style character generation where you...
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    Silver Standard?

    Has anyone thought of going with a silver standard instead of the gold standard for coins and money? I'm thinking of going with a silver standard using the British system (the 24-grain silver penny) and having the standard 12 d = 1 s and 20 s = 1 £. I'd probably stick with the farthing...
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    Minor, Medium, Major?

    Ok, what constitutes whether a magic item can be minor, medium, or major? I can't seem to find anything about this in the DMG.
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    Psionics: D&D or Shadowforce Archer?

    Which do you prefer? The fantastical psionics system of D&D (Exp. Psionics Handbook and Complete Psionic) or the Psion rules from Spycraft 1.0's Shadowforce Archer? How could you use the D&D psionics rules, but toned down to give the same feel as Shadowforce Archer? While I don't begrudge one...
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    Random Magic Items - Complete?

    Does anyone know if WotC has ever produced a "complete" set of random magic tables? It would include a distribution similar to that contained in the DMG, but with *all* magic items from all 3.x sources, with a random % chance to be a campaign specific item.
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    Lead-in to Cormyr: Tearing of the Weave

    Just picked up Cormyr: Tearing of the Weave. Quick thumb-through and it looks pretty cool - decent storyline, fairly logical, etc. and it is 1st in a 3-part series. Sweet! Now the only "problem" - it is for levels 4-7. Anyone have any suggestions for what would be a good lead-in for parties...
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    Making Combat More Deadly

    The recent threads on piecemeal armor, realism, etc. has got me thinking about ways to make combat more deadly. Below are some of my thoughts. Feel free to provide feedback. 1. Use Armor as DR. 2. Use hit locations: Die Roll Biped Location Quadruped Location 1 Head Head 2 Rt. Arm...