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    Pathfinder 2E Pathfinder 2e: is it RAW or RAI to always take 10 minutes and heal between encounters?

    I've seen a lot of references to the game being designed around HP being only, say, a resource in fights, not between fights; i.e., that the players should spend some time and resources (like healing potions, healing spells etc.) between encounters where they take damage that reduces them below...
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    Issues with continuing to receive emails after disabling them=

    Hi, I have turned off all email notifications in my preferences: But I continue to receive emails for every post on every watched thread. Is there an option I missed?
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    D&D 5E PHB Humans are the most mechanically boring race. How do we fix this?

    (Note: I am using 'race' here to use the current and common game terminology: I prefer the term ancestry or heritage myself.) This is growing out of a related thread which talked about ASIs and onto humans and feats. Which reminded me of a thought I have had ever since I started to dive into...