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    D&D 1E Looking for list of all 1st ed module magic items...

    I saw a big lengthy list of all the magic items used in the classic 1st ed modules posted here. Does anyone remember where it is?
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    D&D 1E Criteria for drug reaction frequency description (silly)

    So here are the criteria for describing the frequency of side effects for vaccines: https://vaccine-safety-training.org/frequency-and-severity.html How are they categorized? Very common, common, uncommon, rare, very rare... Sound familiar? Was there some closeted gamer behind these?
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    Unique British aspects of D&D in the UK?

    This is more of a question from a Yank...anyone from across the pond notice any particular British flavour to games over there? I remember reading the Fiend Folio back in the day, and there were UK-specific mods in the early days of D&D... If this is in any way offensive, I apologise (though...
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    Crossover games?

    How many people have done this? Have you sent your D&D party to fight Deep Ones, Shoggoths, or Cthulhu (depending on level)? Encountered vampires with Auspex, Celerity, or Obfuscate?
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    D&D 5E Going from 1st to 5th Edition

    So after playing OD&D followed by 1st ed computer games (Pool of Radiance...the original...up through Dark Queen of Krynn), followed by Mage: the Ascension and a little Call of Cthulhu, I played no RPGs with real people for about 25 years. Then I had the chance to join a 5th Edition game. While...