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    WOIN N.O.W Natural Soak and Environmental effects

    Greetings. I am here with a question regarding how Natural Soak interacts with the different types of environments. As N.O.W states " Note that 5 points of cold Soak, such as that from protective gear, protects from cold." p.162. Would Natural soak also count here? The same regarding the...
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    WOIN N.E.W Cybernetics and Mechanoids

    Greetings. I am back with yet another question regarding this wonderful system. Can any of the robotic/mechanoid races gain cybernetics or the equivalent? Alternately, if they cannot, could they then theoretically upgrade in the same fashion as a player would upgrade a robot they own? by buying...
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    WOIN Changeling and Cybernetics

    Greetings. I am back with yet another question regarding the wonderful system that is N.E.W How does cybernetics work with regards to shapeshifting races, such as the changeling? Can they get cybernetics as normal? What happens to the cybernetics if they shape change? Could they get 4...
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    WOIN Defense Cap

    Greetings, I am back with yet another question that I wish to obtain some clarification regarding. Regarding defense In WOIN O.L.D 1.2, page 67: "If the final score is less than 10, increase it to 10. Your Defense score is capped by your maximum dice pool. Multiply your maximum dice pool by 4...
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    WOIN Character Descriptor [Career]

    Greetings, to all, I am here with yet another question regarding the Wonderful system that is WOIN, the N.E.W Version. Regarding the Descriptor of the character, when it comes to the Career: Career. The career entry can be one of two choices. It can be the character’s current career, or it can...
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    WOIN (Question) Exploits.

    Greetings to you all, I am about to start playing the wonderful game known as WOIN N.E.W But in relation to this, I ran into a few areas where I was uncertain about how to understand some of the exploits presented. Thus I present questions regarding 3 different exploits. From the core Book 1)...