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    "Your Class is Not Your Character": Is this a real problem?

    The real question is, why do we have classes? Are they strick bound character and RP rules? I guess not. To me classes are there so that I can build the character in my mind. The things that he should be capable of to work with the DnD rules (or whatever system you are playing). Only exception...
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    The Hellfire Escalation Glaivelock - a Killer Kobold Build

    Hi and welcome to my first build post here. I like to theorize in games and 3.5 is one of my long time favorites. I've been active on other dnd boards and now somehow landed here^^. Now lets get to the build: We are going to build a Glaivelock focusing on the max amount of damage possible...
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    Cleric build (no DMM) tips

    If that is what you want, maybe you wanna try some different approaches: a) dip monk1 and go for Sacred Fist prc. It progresses unarmed strike with a divine 8/10 spell progression. You get Wis to AC and can fight unarmed and have your bad touch feeling^^. other way would be to convince the DM...