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    Montreal group of 4 looking for more for Iron Kingdoms (2012)

    Title basically says it all. We've never tried the game out and are very interested, but we need another player or two, and preferably a DM. Lemme know! We'd very likely play in NDG, as we all live nearby. Thanks!
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    Reach Weapons for a Warlord (Resourceful)

    In your opinions... what is Reach worth for a Warlord? I am completely undecided between two characters, an Eladrin (Soldier), or a Genasi. Either would be Resourceful, and the Genasi is better numerically (both are equally awesome in fluff, so that is irrelevant)... Except I don't know how...
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    D&D 4E Statting Out Things That Don't Belong (4e)

    Okay, that title is a bit more melodramatic than I needed, but hey, whatever. So I'm DMing a 4e game. Lots of fun, took a while to get used to so many monsters in combat, et cetera. But since 4e doesn't have the same "build your own NPCs" that 3e did, I find myself homebrewing a few things...
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    Prismatic Rays + Divine Oracle

    How does this work? Two attack rolls versus all three? If he misses ANY he's dazed? That actually makes sense to me. Any other opinions? (Note: I mean Terrifying Insight + an attack against Fortitude, Reflex, AND Will)
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    Mystic Theurge Paragon Path

    Sorry about the lack of formatting, but I forgot it doesn't copy that over, and I'm lazy. Mystic Theurge Prerequisites: Ability to cast Arcane spells; ability to cast Divine prayers. You blur the line between Arcane and Divine magics. Through years of practice and prayer, you have mastered...
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    Staff Mastery and Wizard of the Spiral Tower

    "Choose an arcane implement that you specialize in, whether the wand, staff, or orb. You can use a longsword as if it were that type of arcane implement when casting your spells." I'm sure this has been asked many times before, but I searched and didn't find anything useful. Do you add +1 to...
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    Cloud of Knives kills minions?

    Autokill? "A missed attack never damages a minion." Cloud of Knives, on a miss, is a missed attack. Hence, it does not autokill minion. Discuss.
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    Large Weapons

    Hi, I just got a cool idea for a character - intelligent, charismatic minotaur warlord. I really like the idea, and have always wanted to play a minotaur, so I think I may just stick with it. Question, though, for someone who has the books: What does the new version of Powerful Build do? Is...
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    Anyone else notice the weirdness about Defenses?

    Alright, let's compare. Fortitute save: 1/2 level + con/str, +2 if fighter or +1 if paladin (probably). Reflex save: 1/2 level + int/dex + shield, +2 if rogue or +1 if ranger (probably). Will save: 1/2 level + cha/wis, +2 if wizard/warlock, +1 if paladin (probably). AC: 1/2 level + dex + armor...
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    Getting Things as a Class Skill (Heal)

    Hi, I'm trying to figure out how to get into Fleshwarper as quickly as possible. I need Graft Flesh (Item Creation) before level 8 (so at level 7, earliest and latest). It requires 10 ranks in Heal to get. The best way I've found so far is Wizard 5/Human Paragon 2, putting basically all the...
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    Kobold Wizard

    Alright, well, for many reasons, including roleplaying ones and the fact that kobolds are awesome, I want to play a Kobold Wizard. Not sorceror, wizard. I have no idea what prestige class I want to go, or whether or not I want to specialize, and whether or not I want to be Dragonwrought. Help...
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    Looking for players/DMs in Montreal

    (D&D 3.5, Montréal Québec) Hi. Basically, all you need is a sense of humor, general knowledge of the game (if you don't know that much we can help you out, but you need to be willing to learn). Edit: Forgot "maturity levels". We're all between the ages of 18 to 23, but don't really have a...
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    Improved Life Drain and Fell Drain (Libris Mortis)

    Do these two work together? I find it clear by the way they work that Fell Drain isn't quite the same as bestowing negative levels. I know that Fell Drain is (su), but my player has an undead graft that lets him cause negative levels... By the exact wording, this should work, but I don't think...
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    Paladins and Undead Grafts

    Alright, I have a player in my campaign who is (well, will be) a Paladin/Crusader/Ruby Knight Vindicator. A paladin, but a Wee Jas worshipper - could he have Undead Grafts without it being... I dunno, against the paladin code? The whole idea of grafts seems... not paladin, to me, but I can't...
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    AoO's and Occult Slayer, Concentration Checks

    Well, I have an Occult Slayer BBEG-type thing planned (Fighter 8/Monk 2/Occult Slayer 5 Warforged), and I have a question or two. If I ready an action to disrupt, and also AoO the caster (Mage Slayer, the feat), they have to roll two concentration checks to keep the spell, right? Also, do I...
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    Min/max'ing Rogues!

    Alright, well, I have a close friend who's playing in the next campaign we're starting up. In the last one, he was a Warlock, and he looked to me for making him super powerful - and I failed =( .... Mostly because he didn't want to use my feat build, and partly because we didn't know how...
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    Quick Metaspell like Ability question (Warlocks)

    Um, okay, everyone says "take Meta-spell like feats!" for warlocks, but by the rules in the Monster manual, you can't actually USE it for your Eldritch Blasts... What exactly am I reading/doing wrong? (By the way, I'm not actually playing a warlock atm, but I know a few people who are)