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  1. barsoomcore


    So I'm running this. Dunno what it's going to be about, except obviously the essentials: Dinosaurs Ninjas Pirates Monkeys Robots Otherwise, could be anything in there... Although I have promised to include any content people create on the setting site Slot 1: Lyonesse Slot 2: Cassander Slot...
  2. barsoomcore

    SpellStorm Toronto Feb 19-20: DINO-PIRATES!

    Hey folks Not sure how many Torontonians lurk about here, but I wanted to throw out a last-minute notice of SpellStorm, a gaming event kicking off tomorrow and running through Saturday. My particular interest here is a session of DINO-PIRATES OF NINJA ISLAND I'm running Saturday at 2pm (signup...
  3. barsoomcore

    DINO-PIRATES Playing Cards!

    Hey folks! Now EVERYONE can have a piece of NINJA ISLAND! DINO-PIRATES OF NINJA ISLAND playing cards are available for purchase at the low price point of $10! Featuring character art by our very own Klaus, all monies raised by sales of these cards go straight to that talented Brazilian so he...
  4. barsoomcore


    Hey everyone! I'm thrilled to announce that the DINO-PIRATES OF NINJA ISLAND system reference document is now available online. This is a complete ruleset that provides everything you need to create characters and play games, including chases, combats, ship-to-ship action, ninja gear, dinosaurs...
  5. barsoomcore

    Reform School Ninja Girls - DINO-PIRATES OF NINJA ISLAND - Thursday, 4pm (FULL)

    REFORM SCHOOL NINJA GIRLS Seven young ninjas from seven different clans have been sent to Ninja Island to be disciplined by the stern taskmasters of that storied land all the clans call home. Put through a grueling training ordeal, designed to crush their wills and compel them to submit to the...
  6. barsoomcore

    Free True20 Prehistoric Bestiary

    Hey folks I've put together a PDF of 25 prehistoric creatures for your True20 enjoyment. It's all fully illustrated and includes a few notes on the forthcoming DINO-PIRATES OF NINJA ISLAND campaign setting. True20 Prehistoric Bestiary Lotsa goodness! Thanks to those who volunteered their...
  7. barsoomcore

    True20 Ship Combat Rules FREE! (Download NOW)

    I'm pleased to say that a bunch of hard work by some True20 fans is now available for everyone. You can download True20 Ship Combat at my website right now. These rules were mostly put together by True20Chick over on the True20 forums, and they've been extensively playtested, and they're free...
  8. barsoomcore

    Barsoom Tales II: Romance, Revolution and BLOODY REVENGE!!! -- COMPLETE

    Big trouble. Little heroes. Welcome to Barsoom. It's not my style to offer long-winded introductions to a story, but for those of you who can't bring yourselves to read Season One of Barsoom, here's a quick round-up of pertinent facts. If you're joining us for the first time, that's fine; I'm...
  9. barsoomcore

    Dino-Pirates Session Three! (FULL) Thurs 5p - 9p

    I have been prevailed upon to open another DPoNI session, and this one filled up the moment it was conceived. Thursday, 5-9pm 1. Piratecat 2. (contact) 3. Nareau 4. Sophie 5. fett527 6. Vermicious Knid alt: Eridanis w00t!
  10. barsoomcore

    Dino-Pirates Session Two! (FULL) Sun 2p - 6p

    Once more into the wild n wooly pulp adventure world of Dino-Pirates of Ninja Island. Running this from 2 till 6pm on Sunday afternoon. Six slots, pre-gens. Those listed below, please confirm your attendance. 1. John Crichton 2. reveal 3. keryn 4. The_Universe 5. DangerGirl! 6. The_Universe's...
  11. barsoomcore

    Dino-Pirates Session One! FULL Sat 2p - 6p

    So I'm hoping to run a couple of sessions of Dino-Pirates of Ninja Island -- I have two scenarios prepared with pre-gen characters that can handle up to six players each. Session One is scheduled for Saturday at 2pm. We can have confidence I won't be too hungover to run the game because I have...
  12. barsoomcore

    Awesome Birthday Present

    My birthday is coming up. Mrs. Barsoom has asked me to invite whoever I want to invite to a local bar for the evening, a character-ridden drinking hole we've been known to haunt. At this bar she has arranged for a screening on their great big projection wall-screen (with theatre sound) of The...
  13. barsoomcore

    Swashbuckling Cards RETURN!

    Hey folks. In the distant past we discussed and created (yay us!) a great set of Swashbuckling Cards: fun printable card sets that you hand out to your players and they use to gain a little advantage here and there (or, possibly, turn your campaign inside out). Having been using these cards for...
  14. barsoomcore

    DINO-PIRATES: True20 In Action

    So at last weekend's Con-Fu convention here in Vancouver I ran the inaugural playtest session of DINO-PIRATES OF NINJA ISLAND, using Green Ronin's True20 system. Thought I'd share some observations on building and running True20 adventures. First off, building adventures is orders of magnitude...
  15. barsoomcore

    Anyone tried Narrative Combat?

    So Adamant Entertainment released a book called Narrative Combat that intrigued me enough to not only buy it, but actually try to playtest it in the final session of my long-running Barsoom campaign. I didn't have time to prep out as much as I was hoping to, so some of the details slipped past...
  16. barsoomcore

    Do you suffer from Post Campaign Depression?

    Barsoom is gone. Long live Barsoom. WAAAAAYYYY back in 1998, I started thinking about starting up a campaign. A friend of mine had suggested HE start up a game, and after waiting for him to start it for a few months, I decided to start up one of my own. I had a lot of ideas sitting around from...
  17. barsoomcore

    How Do You Create Story?

    In one of mythusmage's proclaim-y threads I posted the following: There was a bit of conversation after that, but fusangite suggested this might warrant a new thread, so I'm wondering if other folks have ideas or notes to share. Come on in! The water's fine! :D
  18. barsoomcore

    Finishing A Campaign - Thoughts?

    Barsoom is entering its final days. Ky'in, the insane goddess once cast from the world and imprisoned, is spreading her brand of fear and slavery across continents, apparently seeking to destroy the world in order to save it. Did we mention "insane"? Ghendorik, legendary dragon-sorcerer of...
  19. barsoomcore

    Am I The Only One Thinking NIGHT WATCH?

    Okay, nobody seems to have caught this baby. First, watch this: http://www.apple.com/trailers/fox_searchlight/night_watch/ I gotta say, I'm looking forward to this. Loads of crazy images, a number of truly startling effects (the girl walking on the street really amazes me), and obviously a...
  20. barsoomcore

    How Many Movies In How Many Days?

    Okay, so my wife is off for the month on a writing retreat as she tries to get through the majority of her novel, so I'm kind of stumbling around for things to keep me occupied. I stood staring at our DVD shelf, unable to pick anything to watch. No one movie leapt out at me, saying, "Watch ME...