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  1. vpuigdoller

    Critical Role Critical Role Campaign 3 Discussion (SPOILERS)

    My favorite part about EXU was the DM. Just starting campaign one so do dont have much of an opinion but I can see what you say about it feeling more like real ppl playing and not so much performing.
  2. vpuigdoller

    D&D 5E What is Your Favorite WotC 5E Setting Book, and Why?

    For me it was a close call between Eberron and Wildemount books but Explorers guide to Wildemount won thanks to the tiered adventure hooks after each area description. That alone has been so useful to my games that made it better than the Eberron book to me (which i love).
  3. vpuigdoller

    D&D 5E What's really useful on a DM screen?

    I like having, conditions, travel rules and services like renting horses, coaches, wagons, food, mercenaries, rooms, healing services etc
  4. vpuigdoller

    D&D 5E WotC Announces New Critical Role Hardcover Adventure

    I'm really excited about this new adventure path. My first foray into Critical Role was actually the Wildemount book, which I loved, it led me to try and watch the show which I didn't like. After not being able to watch more than one episode of the first 2 seasons of Critical Role (Vox Machina...
  5. vpuigdoller

    D&D 5E Fizban Is In The Wild -- With the Table of Contents!

    Some ppl are also angry cause they nerfed the monk dragon subclass but I dont have additional details on to what extent.
  6. vpuigdoller

    D&D 5E The Hags of 5E

    Baldurs Gate 3 game also has a hag. Auntie Ethel. At least so far and she has at least a sister that I dont remember her name.
  7. vpuigdoller

    D&D General D20 Modern books available print on demand

    I still have all my d20 Modern books but this is great news. I loved d20 Modern.
  8. vpuigdoller

    D&D 5E Wild Beyond the Witchlight Previews

    I posted this on the other thread but might as well do it here. There is a full flip thru of the book on youtube by The Gaming Gang. Spoilers galore so beware:
  9. vpuigdoller

    D&D 5E So Much Witchlight Art!

    The Gaming Gang did a full flip thru the entire book on youtube if anyone is interested. Fun stuff. Obviously, there are SPOILERS so beware.
  10. vpuigdoller

    D&D 5E A Peek At Witchlight's WARDUKE!

    I think his sword could be lit on fire on command need to find a picture online to share. Edit: The image has already been shared by someone else in this thread.
  11. vpuigdoller

    D&D 5E WotC Takes Control of D&D Translations

    I hope this finally gets latin america the books in spanish
  12. vpuigdoller

    Played It Review and Unboxing of the Call of Cthulhu Slipcase Set

    I have this same slipcase set and I m quite happy with it. If you buy directly from Chaosium you also get the pdfs so I have used both quite a lot. @EthanSental the quickstart rules and adventure are very easy to follow and is a fun scenario to run.
  13. vpuigdoller

    I need a map of Flanaess

    You can try and use Ana B. Meyer version. Is a very modern take on it but she has a version for the different eras etc. just google her name and Greyhawk and it will show you her page.
  14. vpuigdoller

    D&D 5E Is Ray of Frost d8's or d6's in damage?

    I have one of the first print as well and it says d8.
  15. vpuigdoller

    Call of Cthulhu Remains #2 TTRPG On Roll20

    Yes!!! I been hoping and waiting for Gateways to Terror to drop on Roll20!!!
  16. vpuigdoller

    D&D General Gale Force 9 v WotC Lawsuit Settled

    Agreed, for starters can Latin America get the Spanish version of the books without having to import them at exorbitant costs from Spain.
  17. vpuigdoller

    D&D 5E Info on African folklore needed

    Misunderstood question. Sorry.
  18. vpuigdoller

    D&D 5E My Favorite Player Options From Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything

    @robowieland maybe you can expand the Barbarian wild magic by using the Sorcerer's Wild magic table or some part of it.
  19. vpuigdoller

    D&D 3E/3.5 Are You Still Playing D&D 3.0?

    I wish I was but no, not in a long time.