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  1. Pentius

    Help me fill this Iron Tower with Fun!

    Alright, as it happens, my players have come to a tower made entirely of Iron. Last session ended with them opening a service hatch/secret entrance that will lead to the basement levels of said tower. Here's the rub: I haven't fleshed out what's inside. Here's what the players know...
  2. Pentius

    Looking for Kingmaker 4e

    Hey guys, been sitting on this for awhile, but I've been too shy to ask for it, until I saw another player request a game. I'd really like to play Paizo's Kingmaker AP in 4e. I feel I could RP the crap out of it, and I don't think I'm the only one who'd bite. That being said, I make a...
  3. Pentius

    Hybrid Blackguard, can it be done?

    I have one of those character ideas I'd like to file away for later use. It involves making a Blackguard|Barbarian hybrid, to get the Blackguardy goodness(er, badness) along with flavoring rages as a sort of semi-polymorph effect. To that end, Warden might be better than Barbarian, but the...
  4. Pentius

    Interest Check: ZEITGEIST

    Hey all, I'm wondering if anyone else is really interested in getting a ZEITGEIST PbP going. Personally, I'd rather be a PC for it, but I'm just trying to see who all else is interested at all.
  5. Pentius

    Reworking HS1: The Slaying Stone

    I am about to begin DMing for a new group, and intend to run them through a module to start things off. I am planning to use my favorite low level 4e module, HS1: The Slaying Stone. However, I am also planning to set the campaign in my own homebrew world, which doesn't always mesh with PoL...