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  1. Snoring Rock

    D&D 5E Agile Parry + Dual Wielder AC

    Ok, I searched but did not find it so here goes. Can a kensei monk use agile parry adding +2 to is AC for the round and dual wield at the same time, using an unarmed attack and add the +1 AC bonus for a total bonus of +3 AC? Two-Weapon Fighting: When you take the Attack Action and Attack with...
  2. Snoring Rock

    Pesky Players

    So I invest in a setting and all of the books, maps, and extras. I have 6 players. 2 newbs and 4 veterans. They start off well then one of the veterans begins meta-gaming and second guessing (wrongly so) every single monster ability and rumor they hear. Now the entire group is scared...
  3. Snoring Rock

    Pet vs. Animal Friend vs. Animal Companion

    So the spell animal friendship makes sense. But the animal companion not so much. Your companion cannot attack on your turn unless you command and therefore, lose your own attack. How about a fighter who purchases a dog? That dog, as a companion to the fighter, can and will attack anything...
  4. Snoring Rock

    Intellect Devourer ate my Intelligence

    Ok so one of my players has a 5th level fighter (dwarf) who stumbled on an intellect devourer in mt dungeon. While he survived it, his intelligence is now 0. Besides a greater restoration, is there any there way to help him? Greater restoration is up there in level and they are no where near...
  5. Snoring Rock

    Rat-lings / Rat Folk

    I am running a 5e campaign set in Fairhill (Frog God Games) and I am using the Swords and Wizardry version. Where can I get a good solid 5e conversion for rat-folk?
  6. Snoring Rock

    D&D 5E Magic weapons required to hit incorporeal creatures?

    Back in the day, you needed a magic weapon of at least +1 to hit incorporeal creatures and if memory serves, there may have been one that required +2 or better. AD&D days.... 5e gives damage reduction to such creatures if a magical weapon is not used. So you can still use a mundane weapon, it...
  7. Snoring Rock

    D&D 5E Regeneration Spell Value?

    How much is regeneration spell worth in gp?
  8. Snoring Rock

    D&D 5E Monk Weapon

    So an elven monk wants to wield a long sword one handed. Does that count as a monk weapon?
  9. Snoring Rock

    D&D 5E Jeweler's Skill? Got a player increasing value of treasure..what?

    I have a player with the proficiency in jewelers tools. He wants to alter each piece of jewelry the party has found and make it more valuable by adding gems or changing the original work. I cannot seem to find this rule anywhere. There is a blurb under ability checks using artisan tools but...
  10. Snoring Rock

    D&D 5E To use or not to use feats

    It could be play style, but I have allowed feats in my games. The players did have struggles from 1st – 3rd levels but after that they really started playing well above their actual level. The balance tends to weigh in favor a great deal toward the players. They were at 5th level taking out...
  11. Snoring Rock

    D&D 5E Using Scrolls

    We have been playing 5e for two years, and just kind of assumed we understood scrolls. Page 139 of the DMG states that anyone who can read a language, can attempt to cast a spell off a scroll. Ok so on page 140 there is a mishap chart for failure. It gives a save and DC after the failure for...
  12. Snoring Rock

    D&D 5E Giant Weapons

    I am running the G series out of Tales from the Yawning Portal. The party killed a giant that had a magic weapon. This has to be a huge giant-sized weapon. How do you handle this? A weapon a giant uses like a sword that does 3d12 +6 damage, certainly cannot be wielded by a PC right?
  13. Snoring Rock

    D&D 5E Ending geas

    Ok so dispell magic will end geas. You would need to overcome a check with D.C. 10+2 however. Here is my question: can you cast dispell magic on yourself to end a geas spell cast on you?
  14. Snoring Rock

    D&D 5E Prone

    Seems simple to me but if you are prone 1. you attack at disadvantage and 2. you can only crawl as a movement. If you get up to stand, it will cost you 1/2 of your movement. So does that mean I can stand up and attack in the same turn? Seems like too much so maybe I missed something.
  15. Snoring Rock

    D&D 5E The Imp Familiar for Worlock Pact of the Chain

    Ok, I will copy what I put out to my gaming group. Am I not understand this correctly or am right? 1. See the Find Familiar spell (PHB). It takes one hour to cast and you can choose from a list of animals. A familiar is defined as a spirit that takes the form of one of theanimals listed in...
  16. Snoring Rock

    D&D 5E # Coins / Lb.

    How many coins in a lb.?
  17. Snoring Rock

    D&D 5E Silence Spell

    I ran into this last session with my players. Up until now, no one had cast silence. To read the PHB on the surface it appears the spell can be cast on a person. That is powerful to say the least and breaks a lich in a hurry. What is the ruling on this? If it is a point in space, the one...
  18. Snoring Rock

    D&D 5E Concentration

    The rules state that you lose concentration on a spell that requires concentration if you cast another spell that requires concentration. So does this mean that you can cast another spell that does not require concentration? Seems simple, but quite different than any other edition.
  19. Snoring Rock

    D&D 5E Training to Level Up

    This has been an age-old question. Back when I cut my teeth on Holmes edition Basic and AD&D, training to level up was mentioned in the PHB, but no real system or cost was in place. I have given this a lot of thought over the years. A rogue (thief) to me; seems like there is no need to for...
  20. Snoring Rock

    D&D 5E Mixing DCCs with Forgotten Realms?

    I am leaving a long running campaign in Judge Guild Wilderlands and starting one in FR. I have every Dungeon Crawl Classic done. I am thinking of using Castle Whiterock for Dragonspear Castle. Anyone have experience with DCCs? Does the flavor jive with FR?