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  1. Emirikol

    The Horned Rat: A Review

    Ive converted the whole of the 4e TEW to wfrp3e (if any of you need it its on the rat catchers wfrp discord). Everybody's got their favorite editiin I guess. Nice [FINALLY] having new adventures in the campaign. Although I find skaven and the now-cliche 'Vermintide' tedious, I know my players...
  2. Emirikol

    Systems Where You Dread Running Combat

    Im pretty much to the point of this: if I need a computer or vtt to resolve combat "more smoothly," its not for me.
  3. Emirikol

    Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay vs Warhammer Age of Sigmar Roleplay

    AoS is simply one of MANY alternate timelineS for Old World future. As for the rules, I prefer them TO WFRP2/4 but for the unkillable character in an over the top fantasy experience, we just play dnd5 in the FR campaigns. Most of my group is older so there's not really much we haven't tried, but...
  4. Emirikol

    What is your biggest RPG heartbreak?

    Ive spent TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars on rpgs and related things since 1981. My biggest heartbreak: my kids dont want to play. Otherwise, by games that my players played once or declined that I really wanted to work out: Dark Eye, Top Secret, every zombie game evAR, and Indy jones. I just...
  5. Emirikol

    The impossibility of Point of Light settings

    Fantasy food is more nutritious and requires a lot less land. Fantasy technology is more efficient and requires less to work out. Sickness isn't really a thing either in fantasy settings. PCs can be artisans who evdently can make things 10x faster (during an adventure no doubt), therefore it is...
  6. Emirikol

    Taking the Chair

    Advice: don't let campaigns go on too long. Dont punish players with xp loss for their replacemnet characters (to replace a dead character for example). It's a dick move from the old 1974 dnd days when characters died constantly and dying was something to be ridiculed--HA HA YOU DIED--NOW TAKE...
  7. Emirikol

    Solo pick your own adventures using google forms

    Cool thanks. Ill check it out.
  8. Emirikol

    Solo pick your own adventures using google forms

    I recently learned how to make choose your own path adventures on Google Forms. Its actually kind of easy and cool. Here are my two WFRP examples and the original how to article. https://forms.gle/LBxnYpy7n2A3bGXk7...
  9. Emirikol

    Do you modify/write-in your game books?

    I write in my books and tear out pages to hand to the players. My Curse of Strahd is a mess. I use an extra soft pencil for making notes bc I oftentimes erase and give the books away to the younger kids at my son's game days (back before the end of the world).
  10. Emirikol

    WFRP - The Ratter Fanzine #8 released today (Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay)

    The Ratter #8: Big Cities and Small Towns -- Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Fanzine RATTER #8 brings us the Spring 2021 theme of Big Cities & Small Towns. This is our largest issue at 116 pages! We have four full length adventures, new optional rules to try out for magic, channelling, social...
  11. Emirikol

    Owen Stephens Continues 'Real Game Industry' Posts

    I wish I could disagree. Many of us here think we are professional writing critics and because we wrote a couple crap-ass adventures for our game group, we think we know how to make useful commentary to a process that we expect is someone "making a few clicks on a computer." But hey, "I've been...
  12. Emirikol

    WFRP and Black Library Warhammer Fantasy Book Club

    Join us at the Rat Catcher's Guild for Warhammer Fantasy Novels Book Club We also discuss the WFRP games and are close to 5,000 members Join the Rat Catchers' Guild Discord Server! Currently voting on which Warhammer Fantasy novel to read next The Red Duke by C L Werner Broken Honour by...
  13. Emirikol

    Is The One Ring 2E Kickstarter going to break the records?

    They had me at.. "A set of updated and streamlined rules, developed thanks to years of players’ feedback and raising the game to the standards of quality that have .."
  14. Emirikol

    Is The One Ring 2E Kickstarter going to break the records?

    Good for Fria Ligan! Ill back it.
  15. Emirikol

    WFRP Adventure Draft Needs Review

    Here is the 1st draft for my Ratter #8 WFRP Fanzine adventure entry. Feedback is very welcome (yes, be critical). Commenting is also enabled in the Google Doc. My deadline is March 1st. TIA https://docs.google.com/document/d/1BJhBOYBfP5lqcaau6KZyDac_tjkI4Zi741ts_t8L4Tk/edit?usp=drivesdk
  16. Emirikol

    EN World is 20 Years Old!

    I want to thank you for having us all here and for the great discussions. I have found lifelong friends through the player finder forums and have had a place for creative outlets and thoughts. Thank you!
  17. Emirikol

    Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Fanzine: Seeking art, cartography, and articles for Spring Issue

    The Ratter is a fanzine dedicated to the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (WFRP) game. It is produced quarterly by The Ratcatchers' Guild on Discord and contains a variety of unofficial topics including adventures, house rules, maps, art, short stories, etc. We want your original maps, art, and...
  18. Emirikol

    Let's Write a Bad Module

    BANDITS!!!! From seemingly out of nowhere, the most pointless, useless, lazy-crap-writer's cliche surprises the group. There is no warning and no plot purpose whatsoever for these fellows to jump the party and fight to the death in the face of a supremely overpowered, magic-enhanced party all...
  19. Emirikol

    Bree Yark!

    'Its ok. Gary sent us.'
  20. Emirikol

    What are your player behavior rules in F2F games?

    No electronics at the table. Need to text or take a call? Step away. Dont know how to use a pencil or just wanna use pirated books on your lappie'? Then this group isn't for you. We heavily vet players and decide as a group. Lastly, we are busy professionals and arent your flipping therapist...