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    Overclassed Multiclassing

    You're welcome! Yeah, bullet #3 does lead to confusion. Which is odd; it's actually very explicit. The maximum class spell level you can cast is equal to your BMB from that class. Meanwhile, the maximum spell level you can cast is determined by the BMB table. You're not the first, nor the...
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    Overclassed Multiclassing

    As a Base Magic Bonus +6 character, he gets to cast 3rd level spells. Since he's got a +3 BMB from Wizard/Sorcerer, his maximum wizard spell level is 3. A +3 BMB from Cleric caps his cleric spell level at 3. So, his base ready / cast is: 0 lvl - 4 1 lvl - 3 2 lvl - 3 3 lvl - 2 And he can pull...
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    Overclassed Multiclassing

    He'll have a lot of choices, but he won't get to ready any more. He'll prepare spells as a +6 BMB caster (4/3/3/2 readied cast). Wizard will let him READY 4/4/3/2, but he'll only be able to Cast 12 [+ Bonus] spells per Rest. Sorcerer will let him CAST 4/4/3/2; however, he'll still only be...
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    Overclassed Multiclassing

    He's limited to 3rd level spells in both classes, but has spells available as a +6 BMB (plus extras from feats and such). For Mystic Theurge, simply increase the BMB by +1 per class level, and it counts as both Wizard and Cleric for determining the maximum level of spell available. So, at...
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    Healing and 10-minute recovery

    Nope. Potions are still incredibly useful for those times when the DM won't allow a rest. Wants, staves, and scrolls still fill their primary function of giving uses of spells that are either not available or that you need to throw a lot of them out. Keep in mind that TB is focused on the...
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    Healing and 10-minute recovery

    It makes TB equally appropriate to both styles. The DM dictates the rate of rest, how often that it's possible, how often a rest gets interrupted, and how many encounters are between rests. This is true in both rails and no-rails games - either way the PCs are choosing to try and rest and the...
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    Healing and 10-minute recovery

    Or another way of saying what Wulf just said: All the rest mechanics are a way for the GM to ensure that the PCs are healed up enough for the coming encounter - be that enough for a TPK, or enough to scrape through, or even enough to steamroll the NPCs. It's a pacing tool; a way to control the...
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    "Hot Pursuit" supplement

    I have used both, and they were enjoyably fun. Flexible and as quick as any rules-based d20 chase can be. I was very impressed, overall. (Enough to adapt it into a dogfighting system for a Star Wars game.)
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    Trailblazer and 3.0

    No more nor less than any other 3.5 book. But then again, Trailblazer is really more of a replacement PHB. Which means you'll need a DMG, Monster Manual, and spell lists, all of which you can get from your other books. When the Trailblazer monster book comes out, you'll just want the DMG and...
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    Possibly trying Savage Worlds: Deadlands or other Settings

    This issue ties back into Pinnacle's basic design model. You have to buy the core rules to go with your chosen setting. But, when they update to a new edition they'll reprint the updated Core Rules. Your setting book(s) remain unchanged. So a setting bought in 2004 is just as valid and...
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    Possibly trying Savage Worlds: Deadlands or other Settings

    Plot Point Campaigns are a kind of "build your own Adventure Path." The Plot Points are the key adventures for the main story of the campaign, and they tell you what order they need to be in. In between those plot points go the Savage Tales, various side adventures; most of the campaign books...
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    What design features should Iuz's place of power have?

    Lava. Because every boss fight should have lava. Or a raging thunderstorm. If you can swing it, combine the two and have a thunderstorm of lava as they battle a mile or two in the sky. Cheesy but it adds a ton cool to the scene and provides a lot of unconventional tactical options to...
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    Making guns palatable in high fantasy [Design Theory]

    Adressing Issues I do find it interesting that no one has proposed making guns work differently for PCs and NPCs. A major purpose of hit points is to provide some plot protection for the characters - PCs and important NPCs. If you're willing to use that concept directly then you can have a...
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    Making guns palatable in high fantasy [Design Theory]

    Ah, the misunderstanding of Vorpal. Roll a 20. Roll again, and if that hits then the thing's head comes off. Period. "But, constructs and undead are immune to critical hits!" Vorpal isn't a critical hit. It's a magical effect that triggers on a natural 20. The only thing immune to Vorpal is...
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    Making guns palatable in high fantasy [Design Theory]

    This. It keeps coming back to this. People don't dislike the mechanics of guns, they dislike the very concept of firearms in their games. The reasons they give vary but none of them I've come across have cited suspension of disbelief, realism, or similar points.
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    The DM Burnout and How to Get Past That: Advice?

    Ah, the classics. Hard to go wrong.
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    Difficulty Eliminating the Grid

    I often put minis on the table to show relative position. But I do not put down a battle map, grid, or other meta-reference frame. I'll describe the layout in broad details, and add specifics as required. Mostly I rely upon my players to add specific details by what they choose to do. "I'm...
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    As The Crow Flies

    I would assume that the Rough Terrain modifiers already include the inevitable twisting and backtracking common to travel in rough terrain. I've moved through jungles. You don't move at half speed, but you cover terrain at about half speed due to the circuitous travel. On a combat patrol you...
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    What SuperHero RPG do you play ?

    Mutants & Masterminds (3e by choice). I've looked at the Savage Worlds Super Powers Companion, and it's pretty good. But I'll stick with M&M. Basic Action Super Heroes (BASH) and ICONS are both popular, but not for me. I worked up a quick super-powers system for A Song of Ice and Fire RPG...
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    Running This with That

    A friend of mine has been wanting to do something similar for about six years. Maybe I should point him towards OD&D for his descriptive and recruitment stuff - it has about the same lethality.