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  1. Emirikol

    Solo pick your own adventures using google forms

    I recently learned how to make choose your own path adventures on Google Forms. Its actually kind of easy and cool. Here are my two WFRP examples and the original how to article. https://forms.gle/LBxnYpy7n2A3bGXk7...
  2. Emirikol

    WFRP - The Ratter Fanzine #8 released today (Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay)

    The Ratter #8: Big Cities and Small Towns -- Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Fanzine RATTER #8 brings us the Spring 2021 theme of Big Cities & Small Towns. This is our largest issue at 116 pages! We have four full length adventures, new optional rules to try out for magic, channelling, social...
  3. Emirikol

    WFRP and Black Library Warhammer Fantasy Book Club

    Join us at the Rat Catcher's Guild for Warhammer Fantasy Novels Book Club We also discuss the WFRP games and are close to 5,000 members Join the Rat Catchers' Guild Discord Server! Currently voting on which Warhammer Fantasy novel to read next The Red Duke by C L Werner Broken Honour by...
  4. Emirikol

    WFRP Adventure Draft Needs Review

    Here is the 1st draft for my Ratter #8 WFRP Fanzine adventure entry. Feedback is very welcome (yes, be critical). Commenting is also enabled in the Google Doc. My deadline is March 1st. TIA https://docs.google.com/document/d/1BJhBOYBfP5lqcaau6KZyDac_tjkI4Zi741ts_t8L4Tk/edit?usp=drivesdk
  5. Emirikol

    Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Fanzine: Seeking art, cartography, and articles for Spring Issue

    The Ratter is a fanzine dedicated to the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (WFRP) game. It is produced quarterly by The Ratcatchers' Guild on Discord and contains a variety of unofficial topics including adventures, house rules, maps, art, short stories, etc. We want your original maps, art, and...
  6. Emirikol

    WFRP VTT NergalCon 28-30th August 2020

    I dont know where else to post this, but there is a virtual WFRP con coming up. https://www.windsofchaos.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=290
  7. Emirikol

    Press Warhammer FRP Fanzine: The Ratter - Issue 6 - Open Call for Authors/Artists

    ============================================= == RECRUITMENT NOTICE: THE RATTER WARHAMMER FANTASY ROLEPLAY FANZINE == We want you to publish your rule expansions, adventures, and WFRP ideas in the quarterly Fanzine! Join us at The Rat Catcher's Guild #submission-q-and-a Join the Rat...
  8. Emirikol

    Release WFRP4 fanzine #4 released today -Elves and Dwarfs (and a Dreadfleet Adventure Scenario)

    Issue #4 is out today if you are looking for some new stuff for your games. Topic was Elves and Dwarfs. We are seeking contributors for issue #5 as well. The topic will be Bretonnia. https://indd.adobe.com/view/2818a337-c249-473d-a72a-5424a9573390 Enjoy! Jh
  9. Emirikol

    Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay - Fanzine articles now being accepted

    THE RATTER is a quarterly fan-supported periodical for the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay rpg (any edition). If you’re interested in being a contributor to The Ratter, want to chat about Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, or give us feedback on the issues, come on by the Rat Catchers Guild Discord server...
  10. Emirikol

    [Colonial Gothic - Cthulhu] Convention Adventure, any feedback welcome (Horror of Ballinger Creek)

    Enworlder's: I'm writing a convention-style adventure for Colonial Gothic (it's Call of Cthulhu set during the American Revolutionary War). I need any available bodies to take a quick look through it and give feedback, because it could be the difference between life and death (or the asylum in...
  11. Emirikol

    LAKEWOOD, COLORADO - Players wanted for regular game group 1st, 3rd, 5th TUESDAY evenings/mo

    LAKEWOOD, COLORADO - Players wanted for regular game group 1st, 3rd, 5th Tuesdays/month. Established LAKEWOOD game group of 25-45 yr old adults has opening for regular players (2). Regular meeting night is 1st, 3rd, (and occasional 5th) Tuesday evenings from 6:45-10:30pm in the 470/Green...
  12. Emirikol

    Meanwhile, on while surfing google earth in front of a roleplaying game store in Reykjavik...

    Meanwhile, on while surfing google earth in front of a roleplaying game store in Reykjavik... I was surfing around the world and found the coolest game store search ever: Reykjavik roleplaying game store. This is how you know gamers rock! The store it seems is called "Nexus."...
  13. Emirikol


    Just for fun, I created a TOP SECRET 1e Random Agent Generator. This is version 1.0. A complete character is generated (sans name, codename). So, included is all of their stats, a pre-generated weapon selection, and pre-generated Areas of Knowledge. It is an excel 2007 file. Hit F9 to...
  14. Emirikol

    D&D 5E Adv. League: What's in it for a GM?

    I'm looking at DMing for Adventurer's League. What's in it for me as a DM? I have zero control over the set-up, timing, events and the players at the table right? Why would I slave myself out for that? I've run other OP stuff over the years, and this just gives me an odd feeling compared to...
  15. Emirikol

    ONLINE: Witch Hunter 2e: Revelations games seeks players for one-shots

    We are running through the 2015 Revelations campaign scenarios. It is Paradigm's "organized play" campaign for Witch Hunter 2e. Some of you may have played the 1e version of the campaign as well. They are one-shot 4-hour games that are part of the complete Revelations campaign. We're using...
  16. Emirikol

    Witch Hunter 2e - the free adventure downloads

    I'm planning on running Witch Hunter: The Invisible World's free downloads at GhengisCon 2015 here in Denver, CO. They're for the Revelations campaign (pregens or campaign-based). I'm also very new to the system. To any of you who have played or run it, what are your thoughts on it? All I...
  17. Emirikol

    Colonial Gothic: Thoughts on play, images, miniatures, the Mandoag, and a Convention scenario

    I picked up 2e a few months back and it sat on my shelf while I looked through a stack of other stuff I had waiting to be read. The theme is Horror during Colonial American times (18th century). Other games of the era include Witch Hunter (1600's) and there's a steam-punk-colonial game whose...
  18. Emirikol

    Ready-to-Play Random Character Generator for Colonial Gothic (2nd edition)

    I'm prepping BOSTON BESIEGED campaign, so any feedback on that adventure is welcome. Also, I created a random character creator to assist my players in getting going. I plan to print out a few of each type and hand them to the players. That way we can get right to the action. I also believe...
  19. Emirikol

    Pathfinder 1E Holy heck! There's a guy STUPID enough to ask for pirated materials on the Pathfinder FACEBOOK PAGE!!!!

    I just spotted this. There is a person stupid enough to think that it is ok to ask for pirated materials..and also stupid enough to ask for it on the OFFICIAL Pathfinder RPG Facebook page! Paizo should nail him right there! What the heck!?!? https://www.facebook.com/groups/20416871387/ jh
  20. Emirikol

    D&D 5E Complete Random Character Generator (2.0)

    Well, here it is: The 5e Random Character Generator. Version 5.0 is complete with SPELLS for all classes. THIS IS FOR PLAYER OR NON-PLAYER CHARACTERS. Let me know what you think! MOST RECENT VERSION IS IN THE LATEST POSTS! jh