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  1. phoffman

    D&D 5E Tasha’s Lineage System In AL Player’s Guide v10.3 Trading Armor for Weapons/Tools

    The AL players guide doesn't provide an example for trading armor proficiencies for weapons/tools. If anyone has some answers If your race has proficiency in light armor and medium armor (Mountain Dwarf or Githyanki), can you trade each armor proficiency for 1 weapon? If you can, is there...
  2. phoffman

    D&D 5E Easedropping on Sending spells

    It is often a trope in fantasy settings that kingdoms and dynasties employ court wizards / sorcerers. In our world we assume that a high wizard is likely 5th level. It is also often a trope where the heroes have to deliver a secret message. Since the spell sending seemed far too convenient in...
  3. phoffman

    D&D 4E Another 4e Color Character Sheet

    I wanted to make a character sheet, that I could add art to in the background. Since I have Adobe Illustrator i decided to use that method. I decided to use publishing software so that the Text, remains text when it is printed to pdf. (I have an older version of Adobe Illustrator) I thought...
  4. phoffman

    ZEITGEIST ZEITGEIST in legacy character builder

    I am coding some XML to work with the Legacy Character Builder to add ZEITGEIST items. I am not here to discuss the methods you need to get this to work, that information can be found online on other websites. The current version of the file can be found: Zeitgeist.part UPDATED: 7/29/2011 An...
  5. phoffman

    Pistol in off-hand

    The Gunsmith theme seems tailored to rogues or rogue multi-classing, for Two-fisted Shooter. This way they can fully take advantage of the Power "The Man with Two Guns is God" Even with the special ability of not provoking attacks of opportunity, this power seems underwhelming for an...
  6. phoffman

    Multi-classing via Character Themes

    Has there been any published works for utilizing character themes for multi-classing? I could see several themes for characters that would give some flavor of another class: Warrior, Rogue, Arcane, Divine, ect.. Does anyone know of a previous work?