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    Forked Thread: Help! A player wants to play

    Forked from: Help! A player wants to play "Captain America" Moved to not clutter the OPs perfectly reasonable question with side conversation. We respond to posts, not to thread titles. That's what being a courteous and useful poster is about. Flavor text is your friend, as both player and...
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    Greater Inspiration

    Am I reading this ability correctly? Does it really require a full-round action from all the beneficiaries as well as the action to activate it? For reference: Assuming that the above reading is correct, would it be unbalanced, in your various oppinions, to remove the action requirement from...
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    Gun Fu One Shot

    As the title implies, I'm putting together a Gun Fu one-shot adventure for a soon-to-be rainy day. Obviously pre-generated characters are the way to go. I was hoping that someone here could provide some advice on just how ridiculously powerful to make the stats on these folks. I'm thinking...
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    D20 Modern Skill Groups

    I'm posting this mostly as a resource for anyone that wishes to use it. I've been using these rules for a while in my D20 Modern game and have decided that the only "problem" is that players forget to put ranks into Profession. Note that eliminating cross-class skills necessitates changing...
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    Undead & Charisma loss

    Given that undead use their Charisma for Concentration checks, and that some udead gain their Charisma modifier as bonus hit points per hit die, I was wondering what happens to an undead creature that has its Charisma score reduced to zero. Is it destroyed? Does it collapse into a mindless...