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  1. Keldryn

    D&D 5E Do you play with "casual" gamers, and how should D&D Next accomodate their needs?

    If D&D Next is to be successful, it needs to appeal to both dedicated gamers as well as casual gamers. The primary criteria by which I am defining "casual" gamers is whether or not they are invested enough in the game to spend time and effort outside of the gaming session engaged in...
  2. Keldryn

    Ran the playtest last night. In a word: AWESOME!

    I DMed the playtest packet last night for a group of four players. Overall, everyone had a great time. Despite the fact that it was a new ruleset, the game was very fast-paced and ran smoothly. We played for about 3 hours, and the players were able to (Caves of Chaos spoilers): scout out...
  3. Keldryn

    Legends & Lore: Combat and Other Forms of Violence

    Mike Mearls' latest Legends and Lore column is up: Dungeons & Dragons Roleplaying Game Official Home Page - Article (Combat and Other Forms of Violence) He talks about combat length, tactical options, and how D&D should allow players to find a balance that suits them.
  4. Keldryn

    Complexity as a Barrier to Playing Dungeons & Dragons

    Warning: This thread requires a lot of reading. The irony of a long series of posts about the complexity of D&D being a barrier to participating is not lost on me. Mike Mearls has written two recent Legends and Lore articles regarding the increasing complexity of D&D over the years, and there...
  5. Keldryn

    Played Basic D&D for the first time in over 20 years last night...

    ... and it was AWESOME. Everyone had a lot of fun and miraculously only one PC died. :p I've been running a 4e game every other Saturday night for the past few weeks, and some of my players were getting frustrated with it. Two weeks ago, we finished off The Slaying Stone after three 4-5 hour...
  6. Keldryn

    Making the game exciting for new players

    I'm starting up a new 4e game tomorrow night, and two of the players have never played any edition of D&D before. I seek the collective wisdom of the EN World community in asking for some ideas as to how to do everything I can to make sure these new players stay engaged in and excited about the...