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  1. gweinel

    D&D 5E Mearls on other settings

    Below you can see three very interesting tweets by Mike Mearls regarding the non-published dnd settings (even Spelljammer). Although he doesn't mention how it supposed to support these settings, it seems to me that it will gonna be a holistic approach.
  2. gweinel

    D&D 5E Telekinesis damage?

    Here is the scene. There is a mage on the top of the cliff and casts Telekinesis on a 1000pounds boulder and drops it down to the party. Lets say the height is 30 feet. How would you handle a situation like this? Attack roll? Dexterity saving throw for the party member(s)? And what damage the...
  3. gweinel

    Please help me find a defining game mechanic for my homebrew world

    As the title says I am searching for a mechanic which will have a universal impact in my campaign setting. As universal gaming mechanic I mean something like the corruption/hope points of the The One Ring game or the madness checks from Cthulhu's Chaosium etc. Something that all the players will...
  4. gweinel

    Please critique my cultural caste (racial) traits

    In my homebrew world i don't have different races (elves, dwarves, etc), but different cultures which work exactly as races. One of these cultures is Chattigar, which is very strictly caste based. The higher caste, Aatma, is related with the spiritual guiding of Chattigar and most of its...
  5. gweinel

    Lord of the Monsters: New Warlock patron (based on new Ranger playtest)

    EDIT: Here is the latest version (0.3) of the Warlock subclass and patron "Lord of the Monsters" https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxFUyeewEQu6TEFuSm1vdTMzcm8/view It needs more work and still have balancing issues but I feel i have make some progress...
  6. gweinel

    Templates for 5e homebrew and parchment texture?

    Hey, I am searching to polish my homebrew material giving it a more official look. Do you know a template that is similar to the 5e layout/edit with the parchment texture? I know the template of DMGuild but is mostly oriented for adventures and there is no parchment texture (the parchment...
  7. gweinel

    D&D 5E Lucky feat (the defense part) question

    The aforementioned quote means that you have to see the dm's roll first or you have to roll and then the dm will tell you what he/she rolled? If you can see the roll beforehand then it would pretty much beneficial almost every time you use the feat. Otherwise there is a strong possibility to...
  8. gweinel

    D&D 5E Dmsguild and known rpg companies

    I wanted to open a thread regarding the relation of the dmsguild and known rpg companies. Do you think they will embrace this "platform" to produce (FRealms and more) rpg products? Is it worth it for them? Or do you think that will be used only (or mostly) for non professionals? It would be...
  9. gweinel

    D&D 5E In which setting the next adventure path will take place?

    It comes more clear that the next adventure path will not be in Forgotten Realms. The timing seems to be perfect: they have just delivered the DMGuild in order everyone to be able to make their favorite Realms adventures/lore etc. in order to focus to the publication of a new setting. We have...
  10. gweinel

    D&D 5E How WotC will approach the campaign settings?

    Jeremy Crawford said that the core setting isn’t the Realms. The core setting is the multiverse. This tweet probably explains why we have not seen a Forgotten Realms or another campaign setting. I think they plan to produce something different from what we are used to, but I cannot still...
  11. gweinel

    D&D 5E Age of Worms 5th Edition

    Hello, my gf wants to convert her 3,5 campaign of Age of Worms to 5e. However she is not experienced enough to do the conversion herself. Moreover, I cannot help her since I am player in this campaign. Has anyone converted this adventure path to 5th edition? We are currently on the second...
  12. gweinel

    Cultural Traits (please tell me if you find these balanced)

    My homebrew campaign is based on various humans nations. There are almost no humanoid playble races. So, to make the various nations of my world more interesting and diverse i make these cultural traits. Most of these traits they give two "+1" on abilities, a bonus skill, and a cultural feat. I...
  13. gweinel

    D&D 5E 5e ranked skill system

    Although the 5e skill systems has certain merits our 3.x gaming group wants more diversity. So, i tried and created a ranked skill system under 5e context. I know that at dmg will be a ranked skill system but until then we will use a homebrew rank skill system. At 1st lvl. - You can put ranks...
  14. gweinel

    D&D 5E Muls - 5th edition?

    In my new campaign i intent to put muls as a playing race. Although i have never played/bought Dark Sun, I always loved the concept of them. Do you have any suggestion of what racial abilities would muls have in 5th edition? I would imagine something like: Muls: +2 Con, +1 Str Advantage on...
  15. gweinel

    D&D 5E gaining skills?

    I had not the time to read thoroughly the basic rules but i didn't find anything about gaining new skills during your adventures. Is there such an option? If not will be there something in PH or DMG?
  16. gweinel

    D&D 5E icons of the realms miniatures booster

    Is it strange that few days before July, the release month of icons of the realms miniatures, we know very few things about them. Actually we know only the 4-5 dragons and a couple of other minis which I found on this site http://www.minisgallery.com/dnd1.htm . In previous cases we had the whole...
  17. gweinel

    D&D 5E 30/5 D&D Alumni Archives: Beyond Feudalism - Experimental Genres

    And here is an article, probably the first of a new series of articles, that i found it interesting to appear at the WotC site. http://www.wizards.com/DnD/Article.aspx?x=dnd/4alum/20140530 It discusses about the genres beyond Feudal Fantasy: Pulp (Isle of Dread - Eberron), Horror (Ravenloft)...
  18. gweinel

    D&D 5E Weapon and Spell Speed Factor Module

    Mike Mearls in a yesterday's tweet: Weapon and Spell Speed Factor is one of my favorite features of the 2nd edition. The above tweet rekindled my hopes to see it again as a module in the 5th edition. Here is an Ad hoc module imitating the 2nd edition weapon speed factor and spell speed...
  19. gweinel

    Any doppelganger/jackalwere like adventure (prefferably low level)

    I want to create an adventure around a couple of Jackalweres wreaking havoc in a trade fest. The main idea is to have these Jackalwere commit murders in the form of the PCs and having this way accused of murder. Does anyone know an adventure which is based on the evil actions of a...
  20. gweinel

    Break DC for Magic (Wondrous) Item?

    Hello, Can anyone help me to find the Break DC of a wondrous magic item? I want to find the DC of an "Everbright Lantern". It is an Eberron magic item. Here is the description: Everbright Lantern: An everbright lantern combines the effect of a continual flame spell with an Eberron shard...