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  1. Igor Mendonça

    Kickstarter [Kickstater] Kalymba: African-inspired tabletop RPG

    Good winds bring you to this thread! Link to the Kickstater projet page: http://bit.ly/Kalymba-RPG As I mentioned some weeks ago, a Brazilian publisher is converting to english a Portuguese TTRPG focused on African inspired mythology. Although it does not intend to faithfully portray...
  2. Igor Mendonça

    Kickstarter Kalymba - African-inspired RPG by 🇧🇷 Brazilians coming soon in English

    Kalymba is a Brazilian epic action-adventure RPG inspired by the cultures and mythologies of the African continent. Although it does not claim to faithfully portray historical and social realities, this fantastic scenario brings to the game table the essence of the African cosmovision, proposing...
  3. Igor Mendonça

    World of darkness | Creating a setting in Singapore for Hunter the Reckoning

    Fala galère!! I will soon start a campaign for Hunter the Reckoning, a game that I have for years and never actually tried to play, and I would like advices and feedbacks from anyone who might be interested in helping me with creating house rules and settings. First of all, it will not be...
  4. Igor Mendonça

    D&D 5E DM's Guild license

    HI! So, if one independent author publishes a content in the DM's Guild, could another independent author use its content in his own material published in DM's Guild? Ex: If Arnold publishes a guide to Eberron, and he created his very own NPC (say, a Warforged Bard called Strings), could...
  5. Igor Mendonça

    Morrus's Newsletter

    Hi! Did the Morrus's Newsletter to e-mails finish? I am not receiving it anymore, and I can't find it here...