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  1. DammitVictor

    When and what game did you start with.

    Summer of 1993-- started with First Edition AD&D and 2e Gamma World, bought a bunch of BECMI and 2e supplements because I didn't know better. Ended up switching in 1995 or so, when I moved and had to find a new gaming group.
  2. DammitVictor

    D&D General Replace a class with a similar idea for a class

    World of Witchcraft (OSR): Timothy Brannan has a whole series of OSR products representing different flavors of historical traditions of witchcraft. Replace the Cleric and Magic-User (and Bard/Druid) with some of those. Throw in Jeremy Reaban's OSR Warlock if you want more magical firepower...
  3. DammitVictor

    Can you name a good fantasy TTRPG that's not D&D?

    Shadowrun and Dresden Files Roleplaying Game are two very different takes on urban fantasy. You either count MERP, HARP, and Rolemaster as "D&D-adjacent" or you don't, but they're excellent. Barbarians of Lemuria has been mentioned. Deadlands is more often considered horror, but it can be played...
  4. DammitVictor

    D&D General What are the most populous races in your setting?

    In Shroompunk, it's humans first and then tortles. Not coincidentally, humans and then tortles is the order in which humans and tortles rank their primary opposition. Mycelians, likely, in third followed by kobolds and then dromites and then most other kiths are pretty rare.
  5. DammitVictor

    D&D General DM's: How transparent are you with game mechanics "in world?"

    I'm pretty transparent about a lot of game mechanics... because I've seen a lot of things that are described as "metagaming" that are things that the player characters would obviously know, and describing the mechanic is a lot cleaner and more elegant than trying to describe it narratively...
  6. DammitVictor

    D&D 2E Now I have the hankering to play a 2E game...

    Definitely the Core Rulebooks plus Tome of Magic. As a Forever DM who doesn't like running the same world twice in a row: Player's Option. Skills & Powers for races and subraces, Spells & Magic for priesthoods and magic systems, Combat & Tactics for era-appropriate weapons and technology. World...
  7. DammitVictor

    D&D 5E Balancing the ability scores and their contribution to different classes

    One thing that I think helps is cribbing a page from the ICE playbook-- every skill is associated with two or three ability scores. Weapons combat is always Strength and Agility, stealth is Agility and Self-Discipline, magic is always some combination of intellect, intuition, and willpower.
  8. DammitVictor

    Do you remember your first RPG purchase?

    Always. Thri-Kreen of Athas. I held onto that for a decade, and over half-a-dozen cross-country housemoves, before I traded it for a copy of the 3.5 Unearthed Arcana. One of several books I'm patiently hoping to eventually be brought back via POD.
  9. DammitVictor

    What is your biggest RPG heartbreak?

    Biggest for me is always-- I hope, bright gods I hope-- always going to be Gamma World 6e. I'm not interesting in rehashing any of the old arguments about it, but it contained absolutely none of what I was looking for in Gamma World (especially after Alternity Gamma World disappointed me) and...
  10. DammitVictor

    Thoughts on the rebooted He-Man (Netflix)

    Orko, Duncan, Cringer, and the Sorceress were in on it. Marlena clocked him on her own, and never told anyone else about it-- she may have guessed that Duncan knew, but for all she actually knew, Teela was in on it, too.
  11. DammitVictor

    So You've Decided to Run a "Western" Game. What Kind?

    Largely writing a game about colonialism that is, more or less, from the perspective of the colonizers; the standard objection to Western fiction, except I think I've highlighted it in a way that makes it much worse. And then... taking the insensitive cultural mishmash that is Oriental...
  12. DammitVictor

    So You've Decided to Run a "Western" Game. What Kind?

    I have Dragonstar, and it's an influence, but I never took a liking to the "instantaneous transport" concept. Or the "fuelled exclusively by double-digit spellcasters" concept. In Galactic Dragons, aetherships are propelled by enchanted turbines that are fuelled by an alchemical mixture-- much...
  13. DammitVictor

    So You've Decided to Run a "Western" Game. What Kind?

    My precious terrible idea was that the game took place in a spiral galaxy. One arm of the galaxy was ruled by the PHB+1 Empire, one arm of the galaxy was ruled by the OA+1 Empire, and the game takes place in the arm between them, about a century after most of the colonies overthrew their...
  14. DammitVictor

    So You've Decided to Run a "Western" Game. What Kind?

    I'm pretty much only interested in settings with magic in them-- with a few narrow exceptions-- but most intersections of "fantasy" with "Western" are going to get my attention. Even games with more of a horror focus, like Deadlands, are going to be high on my list. One of my projects was...
  15. DammitVictor

    Unusual Sandwiches

    It's not just strawberry jam on roast beef, though-- it's the combination of the strawberry and the nostril-searing mustard that makes it sing.
  16. DammitVictor

    Unusual Sandwiches

    Turns out my standard "cream cheese and strawberry jelly" on a roast beef sandwich can be simplified by using strawberry-flavored whipped cream cheese spread. Cream cheese on one slice of bread, dijon mustard-- the hotter the better-- on the other, hot roast beef and sliced havarti between.
  17. DammitVictor

    D&D 5E Can your Druids wear metal armor?

    For starters, assume that changing classes like that in the middle of the game is the exception, not the norm. If you're looking for as little change to 3.X rules as possible, Overhauling Multiclassing breaks it down into a feat chain. I don't run Wizards D&D anymore. If I did, I'd probably...
  18. DammitVictor

    D&D 5E Can your Druids wear metal armor?

    A subclass could override the general rule. And... my memory is failing me here, but I believe it's been done before. There are a lot of things the 5e team could have done better if they'd thought about them for half a minute. The long public playtest aside, it just doesn't appear to have been...
  19. DammitVictor

    D&D 5E Can your Druids wear metal armor?

    That's a major portion of my complaint that 3.X multiclassing was broken and incoherent, and likewise my disappointment that 5e reinstated it.
  20. DammitVictor

    5.5E Should There Be a Core Setting?

    Absolutely, one hundred percent agreed.