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  1. Ry

    Overwhelmed by choices (of rpg materials)

    I was looking for great random tables, to fall back on when I DM. Stuff beyond the DMG When I search the web the blogs are so many but not grouped or ranked. Even “best of” lists are all over the place. Same for drivethrurpg. But it doesn’t have to be random tables. How do you approach the...
  2. Ry

    How do I unsubscribe from Paycheck?

    I keep getting these notifications that I have private messages, but then they turn out to be for something called Paycheck where I apparently have 5 gold pieces. How do I turn these off? I don't want to disable Private Message notifications entirely.
  3. Ry

    Random terrain tables?

    A game I'm planning is set in a world where some of the terrain is unstable - the distant mountains of the evening might have drifted by morning. The hexes are like a school of fish near the surface - sometimes one will disappear from view or appear from 'below'. Does anyone know of good...
  4. Ry

    One last name change?

    Can I get Ryan Stou'n changed to Ry? I'm known as Ry now in most corners of the internet now.
  5. Ry

    Broken images

    Hi guys, when I look at several pages (including the Meta forum page, but not the post-a-message page) I see broken image tags. They look like this (example is me on my subscribed threads page, my favorite EN World page of all): http://ryswebsite.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/RysDesktop.jpg
  6. Ry

    Community Supporter not showing

    Hi... I think this was fixed for me before but something happened after my username was changed. Back in one of the crunch times I for Community Supporter account status that should have left me good through the end of Oct 2012. I paid for 2 more years @ 1/2 off on Mon, Oct 12, 2007. This was...
  7. Ry

    Away a while - what's the situation?

    I've been away a while, playing lots of games, but not much d20. What's going on in terms of all things d20? I'm especially curious about licenses and digital offerings. Is there any sign of the virtual tabletop yet? How's Paizo doing?
  8. Ry

    Name change request

    Hi guys, I haven't posted in a while. I asked for a name change request a few years ago because I wanted to meet more gamers in person. That worked out OK but I find I'm a little too googleable now. Could I ask for a name change to "Ryan Stou'n" ?
  9. Ry

    Frustrated searching (for encounters)

    All I want is a big stack of good wilderness encounters for the heroic tier. (good means with a map, and some terrain that isn't just flat plain or equivalent) I can't find them at WotC (paging through Dungeon mags articles that don't tell you level until you're in the .pdf, with mostly...
  10. Ry

    Greek(/Latin) help

    I'm putting together a kind of heroic tier handbook thing for my players, and I was wondering if someone could help me with a latin/greek translation of: The Book of Iron Heroics iroas-sideros-nomicon ? The Book of Forbidden Heroics iroas-koluo-nomicon ? Latin would be cool too, if it sounds...
  11. Ry

    Pathfinder vs. 3.5?

    Can someone tell me why I'd rather one over the other? I'd really like to hear both sides, figure what improved, what got clunkier in Pathfinder.
  12. Ry

    Who turned off my CS account?

    I paid up for 4 years in advance... now I have nothing... c'mon guys, I already posted in the other thread AND e-mailed morrus directly. Could someone please fix this?
  13. Ry

    Crit modification level 12 and lower?

    Are there any powers of level 12 and lower that modify the critical range (i.e. crit on nat 19 & 20 instead of just nat 20)?
  14. Ry

    Getting a private forum?

    Can anyone suggest a good way to get a private forum for a campaign? I'm running a drop game and it would be super handy.
  15. Ry

    I broke a bad habit

    Hey, here's a habit I'm proud of breaking: Asking too little of my players. I'm just back from a 3-hour character creation session where we really didn't do any stats. This is for game I'm writing for a rotating player base (so I'm doing both GMing and game design to get it in place). My...
  16. Ry

    Murchad's Legacy is a hidden gem

    Wow, I finally got down to reading Murchad's Legacy, which I picked up just because it was 100% OGL. I REALLY like it. The opening anectdote, the adventures, everything is really good. The art and layout is comparable to pretty much everything from circa 2001-2002 in the d20 publishing glut...
  17. Ry

    What setting to use as a base when players have creative powers?

    Calling all setting critics! I need advice. My next campaign will feature a lot of player-created stuff; allies, enemies, contacts, background events, and so on. Heck, they might even end up creating countries and historical events, if I can get them to. What setting would you use as a base...
  18. Ry

    Warlock to cover rogue role?

    Is it possible for a Warlock to cover the rogue role in a party? We're starting 2nd level for a game of Tomb of Abysthor.
  19. Ry

    Mulling simplified E6 class

    Class looks like this: Character Hit Dice: (5 hp / level) Skills: All nonexclusive. Proficiency: Light Armor & Simple Weapons Skill points per level: 6+Int Level BAB Fort Reflex Will Armor Bonus Abilities 1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 Feat 2 +2 +2 +2...
  20. Ry

    The Whitehall Club writes [(3⅞/0º)^½]ə

    The Whitehall Club writes [(3⅞/0º)^½]ə I made up some gamers for a game I wrote a while ago, and as I was trying to come up with my ultralite 20 in steps from d20 I kept coming back to the idea of them talking it out. So here's Travis and Andy from the Whitehall gaming club sitting down to...