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  1. NotQuiteANoble

    D&D 5E Is my brother a problem player? Or am I just a bad DM?

    Hello all. Before I dive into this, I want to make it clear that I don't know if the problem is actually the way I'm doing it. The party consists of a Dragonborn Zealot Barb, an Aasimar Ancients Paladin, an Elf Scribe Wizard, and an Artificer turned Ki-Rin. I picked up the game at level 13...
  2. NotQuiteANoble

    D&D 5E Help With fixing the BBEG, after he got destroyed in 3 rounds

    Hello all. I’ve been running a game for a few friends, and am in a spot of bother. This might be a long post, since there is quite a bit of context for this, so I appreciate your patience. The party consists of a level 13 Dragonborn Zealot Barbarian, level 13 Aasimar Conquest Paladin, a Dusk...