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    War of the Dragon Queen Distribution

    If you purchased a case, what was your rare to uncommon draw ratio?
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    Minis by the case

    Seem to have lost some bookmarks. I've been looking at the next HUGE minis from War of the Dragon Queen and I'm interested in ordering a few cases. Which online stores sell minis by the case or multiple case? Thanks! -Swiftbrook
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    Which 3rd Level Feat?

    I need some help deciding on my characters 3rd level feat. I'm playing a Ranger 2/Fighter 1 (archer type) in the Living Greyhawk campaign. As of gaining 3rd level he has: Point Blank Shot Percise Shot Track Rapid Shot one open feat slot Before adding the new feat I have: BAB with longbow +9...
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    Dungeon 125

    Dungeon 125 has arrived. From the Editor "It's Out of Control" ====== Dungeon 126 preview "Encounter at Blackwall Keep" 5th level Age of Worms "The Clockwork Fortress" 8th level "Blood of Malar" 13th level Forgotten Realms ====== "The Three Faces of Evil" Ages of Worms 3rd level 32 pages 1...
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    GenCon - Decision Day

    It's decision day. Tomorrow we all start registering for our GenCon trips and I'm making my final plans today. So, I need some help from GenCon veterans. I've gone to GenCon several times every few years for a day or so. Last year I went for one day (Thursday) on a last minute trip. It was...
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    Spontaneous Divine Caster & Bonus Domain

    Here's my dilema: One of my players has a cleric 6/radiant servant of pelor 5. We're using the Spontaneous Divine Casters rule from Unearthed Arcana. He just earned 5th level in the radiant servant PC. At that level he chose the Glory domain for his bonus domain. However, he already has a...
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    Middle Earth - LotR

    I'm looking for the Lord of the Rings/Middle Earth d20 site if there is one. I thought there was one hosted on ENWorld but I can't find it. Appologies if I'm blind. Also, is there an 'official' site, or just lots of fan d20 LotR sites? -Swiftbrook
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    D&D 4E DnD 4E DOA?

    I've seen many threads popping up recently about DnD 4E this or 4E that. I'm starting to wonder if WotC is starting to run out of material for 3.5e and spreading the seeds of 4E. Frankly, I'm happy with 3.5 and will not be jumping on the 4E bandwagon any time soon .... if ever. When WotC when...
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    Armor Optimization Feats

    I like the Heavy Armor Optimization and Greater Heavy Armor Optimization feats from Races of Stone. So I started looking for similar feats for light and medium armor. Most of the feats I found were of the +1 AC, -1 armor check penalty variety. I wasn’t quite satisfied with those so this is...
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    HR: Combat Expertise ... -1 TH = +2 AC

    This question/poll is based on a thread I can't find any more. Basically, the thread asked what are your top three house rules. One interesting item that came up conserned Combat Expertise. One opinion that was expressed was that since power attack is 2-1, Combat Expertise should be 2-1 also...
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    failed poll - please delete

    Sorry failed poll -Swiftbrook
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    Dungeon #119 .. Arrived Today!

    Here the conent: Greyhawk Map - Lower left quadrent. From the Editor: "But I don't use published adventures!" -"In the end, D&D is about imagination. Published adventures often serve to stroke that imagination and improve our games." Next Month in Dungeon #120: -Greyhawk Poster Map part 3...
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    Christmas Day - Why are you at EnWorld?

    So, It's Christmas day. Most of North America (and Europe?) are spending time with family. Why are you here? -Swiftbrook
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    WotC Summer 05 Product Lists

    Don't know if anyone has seen these yet. I was browsing Amazon and found the following: June 1, 05: Champions of Ruin here June 1, 05: Battlefield Adventures : A Genre Series Supplement here July 6, 05: Angelfire Booster Pack here July 6, 05: Dungeon Master's Guide II : Race Builders...
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    D&D on CNN

    Gamers mark 30 years of Dungeons & Dragons This article can be found here CNN D&D article It's a good read. -Swiftbrook
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    WotC Map-A-Week: GONE!

    From the WotC Boards: Just thought the community should know the bad news. :( WotC Forum Link -Swiftbrook
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    Star Wars Minatures: Who's Buying?

    The WotC Star Wars minatures are coming out this month and I was just wondering if you plan on buying? I also noticed that the start set has gone from 16 miniatures to 8 random + Luke + Vader, but the price hasn't changed. Also the booster packs have gone from 8 to 7 minis. Not to stop the...
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    GenCon Indy Reports

    Please add your GenCon Indy experiences here :) For Me: Wednesday ----------- Long drive followed by long wait in long lines. 1.5 hour wait to get a badge followed by a 1.75 hour wait to be told my event was closed. :( Aside: 9:00 PM, had to call for a jump, left my lights on. Thursday...
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    GenCon Ennies

    I haven't been paying attention because I wasn't going to GenCon. Now it looks like I might be able to make it, at least for a day. So....... When and where are the Ennies presentation? Is there a EnWorld hangout/check in spot? I know....dumb question.... :o -Swiftbrook
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    New WotC Web Site Look

    Check out the new look at the Wizards site: http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/welcome Sweet :cool: -Swiftbrook