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    Throw an Object

    Has anyone worked a reasonable calculation for throwing objects? I have a goliath character that is always looking to see how far he can throw something, be it an object or another PC. So far he hasn't been looking to use them as thrown weapons. For example, to avoid a trapped stairwell he...
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    [FR] Illefarn Song Portals

    I am planning on using a Song Portal in an upcoming session. Has anyone done anything cool with a Song Portal other than just an instant transport from point a to point b? I am looking the concept of the song path, but haven't seen where that idea has been fully fleshed out. I am thinking...
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    DR Penetration with Vitality/Wound/Defense systems

    I was thinking about how armor works when DR is added to the mix. I noticed the following progression with weapons in a normal D&D setting. The following critical ranges are equivalent (as far as damage delivered is concerned): 20(1) 19(1) 18(1) 17(1) 16(1) 15(1)...