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  1. Jay Murphy1

    Vanishing Tower - The Douglas Cole Interview part 1

    Douglas Cole of Gaming Ballistic is out promoting his company's latest release Tower of the Moon and he takes the time to slum it around at the Vanishing Tower! This is part one of the interview where we get off into many roleplaying topics including the evolution of his 5th Edition fantasy...
  2. Jay Murphy1

    OSR Wilderness Gaming Fundraiser

    GoFundMe has been set up to make this project see the light of day, please read on what and why this is for. I was back in the White Mountains of New Hampshire three weeks ago and on the many miles I hiked I passed once again through the Greenleaf and Zealand Falls huts. The AMC hut system is...
  3. Jay Murphy1

    D&D General Has the meaning of Roleplaying changed? my own thought.

    I don't think roleplaying has so much changed as I've changed. I'm an adult now and play a much better game then I did at 11 years old. When DnD came about, or say Traveller, the roleplaying, the quality of a game being played was pretty sophisticated right out of the gate when being played by...