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  1. Arnwyn

    Gammaroid conversion? (SJ)

    Has anyone thought of or made the attempt to convert the Gammaroid? (Spelljammer, MC9) That thing really is a monster... I'm not too shabby at converting most monsters for my own/group's use, but I'm lousy on these super-creatures (100 HD!) or Epic creatures. (I don't think I've ever fully read...
  2. Arnwyn

    December '08: What are you playing?

    The good ol' monthly stand-by thread continues. I'm still plowing my way through Tales of Phantasia (GBA). Still a tremendously fun game that bodes well for the rest of the Tales series (of which I own in its entirety, but have yet to play through). I've recently passed the 50-hour mark, and...
  3. Arnwyn

    Laser or Inkjet Printer?

    What do you think would be better, considering my printing habits... a color laser printer, or an inkjet printer? I sometimes go for months without printing anything, and then will suddenly print 10 pages or so. Right now, inkjet looks to be completely unacceptable, as the ink has long since...
  4. Arnwyn

    November '08: What are you playing?

    Still going through Tales of Phantasia (GBA). This game is tremendous fun, and I'm really looking forward to going through the rest of the Tales series. Fantastic. Wife & Friend: Rock Band (PS3). Trying to get as many stars as we can and finish it, so we can move on to RB2. Almost 900 stars...
  5. Arnwyn

    September '08 - What are you playing?

    Wow... the months go by fast. I finished Phantasy Star IV (Genesis) and can confidently say it's the best PS game (actually... the only old-school one worth playing, even though the story is considerably better if you had played the 3 previous games). A very satisfying end to the main series...
  6. Arnwyn

    Went to my first Renaissance Festival

    So, I was in Minneapolis as part of my vacation with my wife and some friends just a weekend ago (Aug 16), and one of my friends saw this brochure for the "2008 Minnesota Renaissance Festival". She had heard of these things before and believed them to be somewhat of a 'big deal' in the U.S. and...
  7. Arnwyn

    August '08 - What are you playing?

    I am now on to Phantasy Star IV, which means clearing up my old-school list is nearly complete. And, AFAIC, Phantasy Star IV is the only Phantasy Star worth playing. I was tremendously disappointed with 1-3 (I actually consider them those to be out-and-out bad), but IV is the one game worthy of...
  8. Arnwyn

    Posts per page?

    Pretty neat so far! Does anyone know when we'll be able to modify (read: increase) the number of posts per page? (No rush or anything, just curious if an ETA has been discussed.) Aside: Oh - and does anyone know if there'll be skins (such as Stealth), and if Stealth does appear, will it have...
  9. Arnwyn

    April 2008 - What are you playing?

    Well, it's the new month, and so here is the new thread. For me, old school continues further - I'm a good way through Shining Force II (Genesis). Wife: She's still going through Final Fantasy VIII (PS1) - turns out she's a completionist... whodathunk? Friend & I: Officially dumped Halo 3 and...
  10. Arnwyn

    Plumazotl from Maztica?

    Hello to everyone in the conversion forum! Does anyone know if the Plumazotl (Maztica box set) has been converted anywhere?
  11. Arnwyn

    February - What are you playing?

    Yes, I know it's the middle of the month - but I haven't seen one of these in a bit, and I kind of miss them. For me, my old school quest continues, and I'm nearly finished Breath of Fire II (SNES). It turned out to be a really great game. (The fishing, though, sucked compared to the first...
  12. Arnwyn

    Wireless N laptops

    So, it looks like laptops are now coming out with Wireless N built in. However, while we've seen for quite a while Wireless N routers being sold (ostensibly under the most recent "Draft N" standards), it seems like the N standard won't be ratified until November 2008, and not published until...
  13. Arnwyn

    Alternative Class Feature/Sub. Level Index?

    Does anyone out there know if there exists an Alternative Class Feature and/or Substitution Level index (preferably both)? I'm not hopeful, but I'm just wondering if there is such a thing. Thanks in advance!
  14. Arnwyn

    Undead familiars?

    Are there any 3.5 rules out there (1st WotC, 3rd party as an afterthought) for undead familiars? (While I'm at it, are there any 3.5 rules for construct familiars, beyond the Guardian Familiars found in Complete Warrior and the "Forging Friends" article found in Dragon #341?) Thanks for...
  15. Arnwyn

    Iron Kingdoms "Mechanika"?

    Does anyone know which Iron Kingdoms book has the "mechanika" item creation rules? Does this book also have steamjack creation rules (and if not, which book does, if any)? And, if anyone wants to go further: any comments on how those rules would work in an otherwise 'fairly-core-rules'...
  16. Arnwyn

    U.S. "Holiday" Days?

    This is a question for the Americans on the board: What days in the year do most Americans get the day off (or, alternately, do kids get the day off school)? For example, do the rough 'majority' of Americans get President's Day (Feb) off? How about Columbus Day (Oct)? Memorial Day (May)...
  17. Arnwyn

    Wartle, the Slaad-Lord?

    Me again. Does anyone know if Wartle, the Slaad-Lord first (and only, I think) appearing in OP1: Tales of the Outer Planes, has been converted to d20 anywhere? Google, yet again, came up with nothing. Thanks!
  18. Arnwyn

    Baba Yaga d20 conversion?

    Does anyone know if Baba Yaga (most notably, out of the 2e module The Dancing Hut of Baba Yaga) has been converted to d20 anywhere? Thanks!
  19. Arnwyn

    Dwarf Crusher, Tomb Warden converted?

    Does anyone know if the "Dwarf Crusher" and/or the "Tomb Warden" (and while we're at it, the "Lake Radruundar Monster") from the 2e adventure Axe of the Dwarvish Lords was converted to 3.x anywhere? It's next on my massive module conversion list, and Google failed me yet again. Thanks in...
  20. Arnwyn

    Voor Larva?

    Does anyone know if the Voor Larva (2e module: Dawn of the Overmind - Part 3 of the 'Illithid Trilogy' by Bruce Cordell) has been converted to 3.x? I thought I saw an archived thread here in which a conversion was started, but that's all Google got when it failed me. ;) Anyone know? Thanks in...