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  1. Fox Lee

    D&D 5E D&D Beyond Cancels Competition

    This is the same complaint used by every person who gets salty when you ask them to stop using slurs or making gay jokes, so it may not be the winning zinger you think it is. Some restrictions are good. Amateurs are definitely not like scabs. However, a business offering spec work to amateurs...
  2. Fox Lee

    D&D 5E D&D Beyond Cancels Competition

    I don't use DNDB because I don't play 5e, and they won't support 4e. However, I am part of the broader D&D online community which will always be represented first and foremost by the officially sanctioned faces of the current edition, of which DNDB is a critical one. I have been deeply invested...
  3. Fox Lee

    D&D 5E D&D Beyond Cancels Competition

    And I spoke up, as an artist, because you seemed to be claiming that the majority were not artists, but voices outside the community just wanting some drama. I wanted to make the point that I criticised them, as a huge fan of D&D and an artist both, not as some outsider interfering because I...
  4. Fox Lee

    D&D 5E D&D Beyond Cancels Competition

    I will also add myself to this list, as somebody who a) absolutely called them out on Twitter for this, and b) is an artist. Indeed, their announcement only crossed my feed in the first place because of a fellow artist doing exactly the same thing. We are absolutely the ones most likely to call...
  5. Fox Lee

    D&D General Did you get your start playing D&D, and what do you play now?

    I think the first TTRPG I played was actually Judge Dredd? D&D 2e was almost my first, but not quite, and I didn't become heavily invested in D&D until 3/3.5e. I've tried lots of systems since then, but D&D 4e is my forever girl. (I really wanted to love Exalted, but it just didn't work out; I...
  6. Fox Lee

    D&D 5E PC races that a DM has specifically excluded from their campaign and why

    I really like this idea! Well, not those specific "always" races, but the idea of basing "normal" for the setting on what the players want to bring into it. Good stuff that.
  7. Fox Lee

    D&D 5E PC races that a DM has specifically excluded from their campaign and why

    I haven't barred people from playing them, but I did remove halflings, dwarves and gnomes from my world since I find all of them really boring. (Sorry. To me they're just short human, short wide human, and short wacky human.) It's not that I think they're bad, it's just that I don't care about...
  8. Fox Lee

    D&D General Influence of official D&D lore on your home games?

    I explicitly jettison most of it, since I play only in non-official settings. And even within my own setting, I consider lore a fluid thing that will change with each game if it suits the characters or story better to have things be a different. For things that are supposed to be...
  9. Fox Lee

    TSR Whatever Happened To TSR's Michael?

    Or just say it's now being staffed by somebody else. I assume Michael has recently become available.
  10. Fox Lee

    TSR TSR3 Throws In Towel, Rebrands Wonderfilled

    Since you can't legally own the rules to a game (only the books/text/etc text detailing those rules) the OGL is also a masterful way to control third-party dev output. WotC can lawyer-bully anybody they like (and win, because most indie devs are too small to argue a case if it came to that), but...
  11. Fox Lee

    TSR TSR3 Throws In Towel, Rebrands Wonderfilled

    This didn't get enough reactions; under-filled, if you will. (I'm not even sure what the F stands for, since Wo/underfil(l)ed seems to be one word.) But I have a few thoughts. Which Fantasy Dungeoncrawl? Whups, Fandom Disaster Wasted Family Distinction WotC's Fictional Droning Woke-Fearing...
  12. Fox Lee

    TSR Companies & Freelancers Distance Themselves From The New TSR

    Strike that line about "attractive ladies" too please. Nothing undermines a bullied boy-child story like speaking resentfully about the hot girls for not being into you. (Signed, the fat ugly girl nerd you definitely never invited to your gaming table.)
  13. Fox Lee

    D&D General "Hot Take": Fear is a bad motivator

    I couldn't agree more. I have zero time for games where the GM considers it their job to be the adversary of the players (rather than to operate a narrative/world space that contains adversaries) and that includes the idea that they need to strike fear/paranoia into the hearts of the players or...
  14. Fox Lee

    Out of combat balance - skills trained and known

    "No class skill list" has been my policy for quite a few years, too. I view class skill lists as a good way to direct new players, or insurance for groups who don't build a party as a group exercise. For a seasoned group like mine, who design the party to work together during character creation...
  15. Fox Lee

    Gender and Sexuality in Golarion

    Heck yes. I remember when we first found Alter Self in 3e D&D. "Wow, so sex reassignment is magically trivial for several classes? Okay surely now they have to start veering away from gender essentialism..."
  16. Fox Lee

    D&D 4E Disarm Let Us Count the Ways.

    That's a good point. I honestly forgot that some monsters are implied to be carrying multiple weapons based on their stat blocks (because monsters are so pick-up-and-playable XD). Could you restrict the weaken based on attack range? It would make sense for spells too in a lot of cases, since it...
  17. Fox Lee

    DM's Guild Roundup: Wake the Leviathan, Summoner, and Modular Tile Set - Caverns

    Yikes! That is DEFINITELY what I saw too >3>; Some designer/editor needs to think a little more carefully about how they frame cover images!
  18. Fox Lee

    D&D 4E Disarm Let Us Count the Ways.

    Late to the party, but what about weakened as a disarm condition? Obviously it's intended for use against NPCs, not players, but many things in 4e work that way. Just add a requirement that the target must be holding a weapon, an weaken them until they save (or until they perform a specific...
  19. Fox Lee

    The roots of 4e exposed?

    My group does this a lot actually. I find letting my players set their own anchors into my world motivates them in a way that treasure and adventure simply do not. I've been with them for a long time, so we have fewer stumbling points than a newer group might—but either way, I have a campaign...
  20. Fox Lee

    Gender and Sexuality in Golarion

    I am extremely proactive about inclusion in my games, and designed my setting accordingly. It's great to see more mainstream publications finally starting to lean this way too—women, people of colour and people under the LGBT+ umbrella have spent quite enough of our time being sidelined by...