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  1. jasper

    D&D 5E witchlight poster map

    Does anyone have a link to a png of the poster map? Or is there a good image on D&D beyond,?
  2. jasper

    DDAL New changes coming Sept 22

  3. jasper

    DDAL Jasper DMs Lost Mines of Phandelver

    Lost Mines of Phandelver Session 1 Wolfish Rogues Day 1 PC Killed 0 Monsters Killed 9 Capture 0 Escaped 4 Gain a level, 80 GP, 10 downtime days I have a super weak group of two Jasper Rogue 1 and Horton Rogue 1. The Rogue duo are driving a wagon of questionable ale and beer their drinking...
  4. jasper

    DDAL Jasper DMs Curse of Strahd

    This is a historical campaign all non campaign related books are allowed for the pcs. Result I have change the spell lists for some encounters. Curse of Strahd Session 1 There Going to Be a Party tonight. Days 0 – 3 Noon Sunday January 1 to January 3 735 Gain a level. 80 GP from the...
  5. jasper

    D&D General O Christmas Tree O Christmas Tree You TPK the Party

    https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/bondeddice/christmas-tree-dice-for-tabletop-gaming-and-family-fun?ref=nav_search&result=project&term=christmas%20tree 4 inch 4 pound Christmas Tree Dice Thingy. Started this week. $65 American for one.
  6. jasper

    D&D General XDM x-terme dungeon master second edition

    Tracy Hickman and Howard Tayler are putting out x-treme dungeon master 2 edition https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/howardtayler/xdm-x-treme-dungeon-mastery-2nd-edition?ref=android_project_share&fbclid=IwAR1ILJV-OEJAewJyXQGIQrHutfTiyDni6dlLhObFIMe0r49jNPD5ieAsiac The first one was okay. It...
  7. jasper

    Review Jasper's After play review of Candlekeep Mysteries.

    Candlekeep Review A 3 hour Session Well, that was the average run time for my group which occasionally include dinner and snackage. This is an after-play review. 4 stars for regular DMs. And 4 stars for Adventure League (AL) DM material. TLDR. Overwrites old lore, gives new lore, and ignores...
  8. jasper

    D&D 5E Jasper reviews Survivalist’s Guide to Spelunking

    Survivalist’s Guide to Spelunking Review Authors Thilo Graf, Douglas Niles, and Stephen Yeardley. AAW Games Publisher. TLDR Binding Excellence. Good black and white artwork. White paper with black ink in good size font. Lots of fluff, lots of charts, and light weight crunch. Fans of authors...
  9. jasper

    DDAL Things I learn from being a DM for 300 Adventure League sessions.

    1. The rules and guidance will always be adjusted. 2. Players will be from all races, education levels, economy levels, skill levels, interest levels and various backgrounds. 3. Some people will love your DM style and others will hate it. 4. Reputation for starting on time is important. 5...
  10. jasper

    Monster AC HP CR INDEX

    jasper submitted a new resource: Monster AC HP CR INDEX - Monster index All WOTC BOOKS Read more about this resource...
  11. jasper

    D&D General good sales

    Move if in wrong location. For those with Dollar Tree stores near you. They have root beer colored Dice. Amazon has 3 for 2 special on books including some D&D books. At under $20 each I bought six. And it only selected titles like Eberron.
  12. jasper

    D&D 5E Jasper reviews Van Ritchen

    Van Ritchten’s Guide to Ravenloft Review Warning I have owned and played in I6 Ravenloft, I10 House on Gryphon Hill and Season Four Adventure League modules. I also own the adventure path Curse of Strahd. This is the only official lore I own. Any other lore I have picked up has been by osmosis...
  13. jasper

    D&D 5E Jasper After Play review of Icewind dale

    Icewind Dale Rime of the Frostmaiden review. Homebrew 4 out 5 stars. Adventure League 2 out of 5. Nitpicks a lot. Experience DMS only. Adventure League DMs should not run this. The Adventure League review includes various guidance from Facebook, discord, other online sources, and season 10 and...
  14. jasper

    DDAL Jasper DMs Candlekeep Mysteries

    Remember Jasper it is not Candlemass but Candlekeep. Candlemass was/is an SCA event. I have open my table to three new people if they reserve. This will mean about 2 of my regulars from the Icewind Dale campaign will not be seated. Set Up. The groups patron will be the Magnificent Don Meepo...
  15. jasper

    D&D 5E Douglas Niles survivalist guide

    kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/adventureaweek/dnd-survivalists-guide-to-spelunking?ref=user_menu
  16. jasper

    DDAL DDAL page has updated.

    the Organized Play | Dungeons & Dragons with Tasha's Cauldron of Everything Guidance Dungeoncraft Adventures: Plague of Ancients D&D Adventurers League Seasonal FAQ D&D Adventurers League Seasonal Player's Guide v10.3 D&D Adventurers League Seasonal Content Catalogue v10.0 D&D Adventurers...
  17. jasper

    D&D 5E Spanish Inquisition Hide/Cool question

    PCs are fighting the evil Knights of Nee for two rounds. Round 3 the Spanish Inquisition show up. The Inquisition have rolled high enough on their stealth check to beat every one's passive perception. So Question 3. Q1. Treat the Inquisition as surprise round for PC and Nee? Rule of cool. Q2...
  18. jasper

    DDAL good bye to phb +1

    just dropped. https://yawningportal.dnd.wizards.com/blog/saying-goodbye-to-the-ph1-rule/
  19. jasper

    D&D General Old School DND talks if DND is racist.

    Nick Cole responses to upcoming Wired article which hints that DnD fans are racists. Nice Cole is author. His books are Ctrl Alt Revolt, Soda Pop Soldier: A novel #1. Kind of cyberpunk. Both people wander all over the subject. IT is about 41 minutes long.
  20. jasper

    USA copyright fyi Print on demand change

    This for the authors who have print on demand and worry about their copyright. Summary the copywrite office wants two print copies to protect your copy right. Move if needed. https://madgeniusclub.com/2021/02/09/guest-post-copyright-office-requirements-for-pod-by-laura-montgomery/