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    D&D 5E Challenge Rating

    Ok. I have my MM now and I've read through it. Does anyone have any idea how you figure out the CR for a monster? There doesn't seem to be any explanation on what the CR numbers comes from nor is there any explanation on how to change the CR if you modify the monster. If I have a hill giant who...
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    4e group seeking players [Alexandria, VA area]

    Greetings everyone, My gaming group is looking for a couple of additional players to join an ongoing 4e D&D game. The three of us currently playing are 30 or so years old. The game is located in Alexandria, VA (near the Van Dorn metro station). We play alternating Saturdays from about 3PM to...
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    D&D 4E 4e - Crafting mundane items.

    Anyone know how crafting mundane items like armor is supposed to work in 4e? Is it still a skill? I may have missed it but I don't recall seeing anything about this in the hints and previews so far and craft didn't seem to be on the list of known 4e skills. Come to think of it, I didn't see any...
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    Iron Defender

    Isn't that a picture of the steel predator mini? http://www.wizards.com/dnd/images/af_gallery/48.jpg The Iron Defender is a small dog-like homunculus from the Eberron setting. Tzarevitch
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    D&D 4E When is 4e Eberron due out?

    Just a quick question. I apologize in advance if it has been answered already but I can't find it anywhere on WotC's pages or on the 4e info on this site. Does anyone know when 4e Eberron is due out? ( am guessing end of '08 at best.) Also, does WotC plan on putting out a supplement either as...
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    The Forge of War

    Ok. I got the book now and I am VERY pleased. There are over 30 pages on the ebb and flow of the Last War, filled with battles and shifting alliances. There is info on the war machines, military units of all the Galifar successor states, and war battlefields. There are a few new spells, plenty...
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    Forge of War

    Anyone know what's up with this product? Is it due to be released on time? WotC produced a mere peep about it and that is starting to become disconcerting, especially since it is due out in about a week. I have really been looking foreward to the book. The silence about it from WoTC however has...
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    PHB II - Beguiler

    Could someone else with the book explain this to me: The PHB 2 Beguiler Class has a spell progression that goes up to 9th level spells. The text says that beguilers use the spell list printed later in the book. The problem is that spell list later in the book only goes up to 6th level spells...
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    Spell Compendium - Which spells have been altered?

    Has anyone out there compiled a list of spells now listed in the Spell Compendium which have been changed from earlier versions? By "changed" I mean significant change, not just a name change (i.e. change in spell level or in basic operation of the spell). It was nice of WoTC to produce a list...
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    Northern VA/DC based group seeking Eberron players

    Hi, I'd like to add my post to the list of those games in DC, MD, Northern VA seeking players. My group has lost several members to "going on with life" one might say. We used to have about 8 players, now we number just four plus DM and we'd like to add some new blood. We play pretty much...
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    Old Modules

    Hopefully someone out there knows the answer to this question. How do the modules "The Village of Hommlet", "The Forgotten Temple of Tharzidun" and "The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth" relate to the original "Temple of Elemental Evil" adventure? Are they separete adventures or are they included in...
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    Eberron game seeking players

    I just started an Eberron game on alternating Saturdays and I am seeking about 2 additional players to round our group out to about 6. We usually play marathon-style from 3PM to about Midnight (with dinner break). Characters are currently 2nd to 3rd level. Our players range in age from 27-33...
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    What does a homunculus know?

    The homunculus entry in the MM states that a homunculus knows what its maker knows. Does anyone know what that means? Does that mean that the homunculus has its master's skills or feats or abilities? If not, exactly what does the homunculus gain? I checked the Eberron book and the additional...
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    Warlock Question

    Could someone help me with this? If a warlock's Eldrich Blast is a spell-like ability and therefore takes a standard action to activate, and the invocations also take a standard action to activate (they are spell-like and the warlock entry states they take a standard action), precisely how is...
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    Spell-like abilities and Arcane Strike.

    Does anyone know if a creature can use a spell-like ability to power the Arcane Strike feat from the Complete Warrior? If seems to me that it can but that also seems mighty overpowered if that is the case. Outsiders with spell like abilities can give themselves auto hit and damage bonuses by...
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    [Alderac] Secrets of the Shadowlands

    Does anyone know if the Secrets of the Shadowlands has come out yet? Tzarevitch
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    Does anyone know when "Bloodspeakers" is actually due out in stores? I've seen listings to order it on-line but does anyone know if it has reached stores yet? Tzarevitch
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    [L5R] Secrets of the Crane

    Does anyone know what day Alderac's "Secrets of the Crane" is due to reach stores? Alderac's site just says that it is due in August. Tzarevitch
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    D&D 3E/3.5 ver. 3.5, constructs and bonus hp.

    Yesterday I picked up my copy of the Fiend Folio. So far I have been quite pleased with the book, but when I came to the golems section I noticed something odd - all of them seemed to have bonus hit points from an unknown source. I then checked all of the other constructs in the book and they...
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    [AEG] Secrets of the _______ Clan

    Does anyone know what Secrets of the ________ Clan book will be released for d20 Rokugan next and when? Thanks, Tzarevitch