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  1. collin

    Electronic / computer app die rollers

    Do you allow players to use electronic / smart phone / mobile app die rollers at your gaming table, and please comment if so, why, and if not, why not. Thanks!
  2. collin

    Hero Forge

    Has anyone used the Hero Forge 3D printer customized miniature creator? https://www.heroforge.com/ I am interested in finding out how good (or bad) the miniatures are, particularly in the different plastics they offer. Thanks, Collin
  3. collin

    D&D 5E Artificer 5th edition - Dungeon Masters Guild

    I noticed today the Dungeon Masters Guild has posted a 5th edition re-imagining of the Artificer class. Since I am an Eberron fan, I hastily got a copy and have been looking it over. As I might expected, there are things I like and things I don't like. I like the thought that went into the...
  4. collin

    New Class: Artificer (Eberron)

    I have just uploaded New Class: Artificer (Eberron) to the downloads area. My attempt at creating an Artificer class for DnD 5th Edition, largely based in the world of Eberron, with thanks to Keith Baker who provided some initial ideas, material, and suggestions to help me get started. You can...