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  1. ad_hoc

    D&D 5E Defeating intangible creatures w/non-magical weapons

    How do you handle this narratively? I'm talking about creatures like ghosts and fire elementals. In my games I describe it as the creatures having a sort of energy core that can be disrupted. Visually I think of the creatures that are fought at the end of season 3 of Legion.
  2. ad_hoc

    D&D 5E RotFM fishing competition

    I want to have a fun fishing competition with a prize of a magic item. The story is that the town is starving and they want to encourage people to fish so they're offering up a precious item. I don't want this to take a lot of table time. I'd like dice to resolve it (unless the players do...
  3. ad_hoc

    D&D 5E Chef vs Inspiring Leader

    In the recent Unearthed Arcana there is a Chef feat. I once had a character who was a chef and I represented that with the Inspiring Leader feat. Instead of a speech they prepared food which was much better than would be expected when on the road. So how do they stack up against each other...
  4. ad_hoc

    D&D 5E Ranking 1st level spells

    Here's a quick tier list I put together of 1st level spells. A player asks me my thoughts on a spell: 'Yeah that's a great spell' - S Tier 'Yeah that spell is pretty good' - A Tier 'That spell is a decent choice you should be satisfied with it' - B Tier 'That spell could be good but I advise...
  5. ad_hoc

    D&D 5E PotA - Going back to a dungeon

    I'm currently running PotA. The party explored the air dungeon/temple but retreated before confronting the prophet. They are planning to go back next session. What are some new challenges they could face?
  6. ad_hoc

    D&D 5E Spell list for removing Concentration

    Since the other thread is about discussion regarding what changes to make to Concentration and what other houserules can be made to spell to make them better I thought I would make one with an actual list that can be discussed. This is only for the houserule of removing Concentration from some...
  7. ad_hoc

    D&D General Explaining D&D classes using the Marvel Cinematic Universe

    I was inspired by the polls on representations of classes in media. The Marvel movies are the peak of geek pop culture right now. What better way to explain the D&D classes to someone using them. Here is my take of which character best fits each class. Artificer: Iron Man Barbarian: Hulk...
  8. ad_hoc

    D&D 5E Revised Xanathar's Downtime Rules (Finalized)

    Editing the OP to present the finalized rules. I have revised Xanathar's Downtime rules. Keep in mind these rules are designed to be used with limited downtime. All of the activities are overpowered if the PCs have a lot of downtime available to them. In my games I like to have 1 week of...
  9. ad_hoc

    D&D 5E The power of magical attacks

    I've seen a trend of people brushing off abilities which make mundane attacks magical. This must be because in their games magic weapons are plentiful. Even when people bring up that 5e monster balance is designed without magic items assumed, people still say that this cannot be the case...
  10. ad_hoc

    Use This Flowchart To Choose Your D&D Class

    Stopped at "when I fight"
  11. ad_hoc

    Action movies and understanding 5e.

    When people have trouble understanding 5e I compare it to an action movie. There should be tension in all things 'on camera', that is, what is happening at the table. The 2 areas I see many people (mostly people from 3e/4e) have issues understanding are skills and rests. I think they are...
  12. ad_hoc

    Intelligence and Spell Scrolls - A lost opportunity

    So, Intelligence. I think it is fine where it is. It could use a bit more application than it does (eg. Warlock should use it to even out the casting stats among the classes). It's okay, but a small boost wouldn't imbalance it. Let's talk about Spell Scrolls. Here's the thing, they're fairly...
  13. ad_hoc

    Character Sheet Creator

    I am not 100% happy with any of the character sheets I have found. So I'd like to make my own by swapping out bits for the ones I like. While I can take a screenshot, then cut and paste in a paint program, I'm wondering if there is a tool out there for creating character sheets. There are...
  14. ad_hoc

    WizKids Previews New D&D Mini Sets

    Interesting that it looks like there is a single huge creature in the set. When I heard about the spell effects minis I got excited, but then I see they aren't designed to have them share the same space with other minis. I have a need for minis I can put under characters.
  15. ad_hoc

    Guessing - Most and least played classes

    It has been said that the Ranger is the 4th least played class. What are your guesses for the ranking in popularity among the 15 million+ players in NA? I am most curious about what people think are the 3 least played classes. I think all of the classes are fairly close to each other. I think...
  16. ad_hoc

    Monsters, OAs, and soft PCs

    A key thing I noticed in the thread about how often OAs happen in games was what was left out of the responses. Most of them mentioned 2 things - PCs don't like to allow OAs against them, and monsters only sometimes run away but when they do they usually Disengage. How about monsters rushing...
  17. ad_hoc

    On making a memorable character

    I have often seen these sorts of sentences: "I wanted to make a memorable character so I (insert combination of race/classes/feats/weapons/etc.)" This is not wrong except that it begs the question. The assumption is made that characters against archetype (or without archetype) are memorable...
  18. ad_hoc

    D&D 5E Spell Scroll Houserule - All scrolls usable by any spellcaster

    So, I'm not a fan of spell scrolls only being able to be cast by a spellcaster who has that spell on their spell list. It's not fun to find scrolls that can't be used. So here is the houserule I'm thinking of using: To cast a spell from a scroll not on the character's spell list it must be of...
  19. ad_hoc

    D&D 5E Goodman Games Treasure Chest

    I have an opportunity to purchase the Goodman Games Treasure Chest adventure bundle. I am looking for reviews/thoughts on the modules. I like all of the WotC material I've played so far such as HotDQ, OotA, CoS, and TotYP. I would like to have adventures that I can run on the fly with little...
  20. ad_hoc

    D&D 5E Racial Feat swap (as SCAG starting character options)

    Taking the racial feats from XGtE and treat them like racial options from SCAG (Tiefling, Half-Elf). I'd like to get Orcish Fury in there but can't think of a good way. Can't just lose +1 Str because then the default is to take 15 in Str and Con and not lose anything. Hill Dwarf - Toughness =...