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  1. S. Baldrick

    Vikings vs. Cthulhu

    Actually, Vikings vs. Deep Ones would be more accurate. The premise of this adventure that I gave to the players was that of a Viking raid of the coast of Ireland in the 9th century that goes very, very wrong. The players were Troy (Olaf Skullsplitter: 4th Level Fighter), Adam (Wulgar Bear...
  2. S. Baldrick

    Swords against Elder Gods, Ancient Secrets and Foul Sorcery in Provo/Orem/Salt Lake City Utah

    I would like to get a game going where magic isn’t common place and where it is found, it is typically dark and dangerous and often, flat out evil. Adventure and wealth can be found in both forgotten ruins and decadent cities. Cruel tyrants rule with an iron fist while cultists conspire to...
  3. S. Baldrick

    D&D Starter Set in Northern Utah

    I am looking for people that would be interested in going through the D&D Starter Set. It would be a good chance to learn the new edition of D&D. I am a GM in search of group. My group, which started back in 2008, fell apart back in August and I am hoping that running the D&D Starter set could...
  4. S. Baldrick

    Advanced Labyrinth Lord in Provo, UT

    Is anyone in the Provo/Orem/American Fork area interested in playing some old school D&D? I am talking about Advanced Labyrinth Lord which is a retro clone of the Tom Moldvay Basic/Expert rules with classes from Advanced Dungeons and Dragons thrown in such as the Paladin and the Assassin. If...
  5. S. Baldrick

    Freeport campaign Mark II: Freeport through the eyes of Ember, cleric of the War God

    SPOILER ALERT for the Freeport Trilogy After the final encounter at the end of the Freeport Trilogy ended with a TPK, Freeport being saved the return of the Unspeakable One, the death of the EVIL Milton Drac and the destruction of Milton's Folly, I have restarted my campaign with a new group of...
  6. S. Baldrick

    [April] What are you reading?

    I just finished Silver Borne by Patricia Briggs. Now I am moving on to the Paizo edition of Who Fears the Devil? by Manly Wade Wellman.
  7. S. Baldrick

    [March] What are you reading?

    World War Z by Max Brooks
  8. S. Baldrick

    [January ] What are you reading?

    The Light Fantastic by Terry Pratchett.
  9. S. Baldrick

    From the pages of the personal journal of Victor Von Vargas…

    From the pages of the personal journal of Victor Von Vargas… For the second time, I am running the Freeport Trilogy from Green Ronin. This is an account of the campaign as seen through the witting of Victor Von Vargas, a bard that is obsessed with death. Here is the cast of characters: Victor...
  10. S. Baldrick

    The Shield: Season 7

    This is a thread for discussing the 7th and final season of what I consider to be the best show on television: The Shield Are there any other fans of this show on this board? Is so, what do you think of the final season so far?
  11. S. Baldrick

    D&D on 30 Rock

    Did anyone else catch the D&D reference on 30 Rock last night?
  12. S. Baldrick

    Colossal Red Dragon Lair.

    One of the groups that I play with decided take a break from our regular campaigns and play a one shot adventure around the theme of dragon hunting. In this case, an Epic dragon hunt for a Colossal Red Dragon. The DM (Kent) really outdid himself with the terrain that he built especially for...
  13. S. Baldrick

    True Sight vs. Natural Invisibility

    Does the spell True Sight work against a creature with Natural Invisibility? I do know that a creature with Natural Invisibility immune to Invisibility purge, but I’m not certain that Natural Invisibility makes the creature immune to True Sight.
  14. S. Baldrick

    David Gemmell has passed away

    David Gemmell, noted fantasy author has passed away at the age of 57. Sad news indeed. http://u.tv/newsroom/indepth.asp?id=10912&pt=e