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  1. vpuigdoller

    D&D 5E Ptolus for 5e

    In project #26 of Arcana of the Ancients plans for a Ptolus 5e and Cypher System conversion was announced. Copied from the anouncement: Announcing Ptolus for 5e! If you’re a fan of Monte’s, or just a Fifth Edition player who loves richly detailed, highly creative settings tailored for the...
  2. vpuigdoller

    D&D 5E New book in March. According to Amazon.

    According to two new listings on amazon we are getting a new book in March 17, 2020 and an anouncement on the 9th of the current month...
  3. vpuigdoller

    Unearthed Arcana New UA Article out today: Bard and Paladin!

    New UA article is out with a new subclass for Bard and Paladin each. The new options are College of Eloquence for bards and Oath of Heroism for Paladins. The psionic feel themed is continued as in previous ones. https://dnd.wizards.com/articles/unearthed-arcana/bard-paladin Also, the previous...
  4. vpuigdoller

    D&D 5E Beyond the Dragon of Icespire Peak

    The Essentials Kit keeps getting better and better. So I finally noticed that the DndBeyond extra adventures for the Essentials Kit are out. It is a trilogy of adventures taking characters all the way to level 12. The trilogy is composed of: Storm Lord's Wrath (6-9) Sleeping Dragon's Wake...
  5. vpuigdoller

    D&D 5E Baldur’s Gate: Descent in to Avernus Table of Contents

    The table of contents of Baldur’s Gate: Descent in to Avernus as well as the first two pages have appeared on the Amazon page!
  6. vpuigdoller

    Unearthed Arcana Into the Wild: New Unearthed Arcana Covers Wilderness Exploration

    Ohh the Nentir Vale - Moon Hills example that Mearls had showed a screenshot of before. Nice.
  7. vpuigdoller

    D&D 5E Drizzt Do'Urden official stats in D&D Beyond Announcement?

    So what you guys think about Drizzt official stats (if they are official?) in the Dnd Beyond Announcement. http://www.sageadvice.eu/2017/03/12/drizzt-dourden-character-sheet-revealed/ lvl 11 Fighter/ 8 Ranger So he is now lvl 19 and no longer has the barbarian lvl to explain his days as the...