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  1. GMMichael

    Medieval Fantasy Numenera Advice

    Hey 'World, I'm toying with the idea of running a medieval fantasy game with Numenera instead of Cypher System, since I already have the book. What do first-time Numenera GMs need to know? Does Numenera somehow break if the cyphers become magic items or innate abilities instead? Do the NPCs...
  2. GMMichael

    Opponents from Unexpected Sources

    Do you ever find monster inspiration from non-fantasy media? Post one here. Character sheet from game of your choice is optional. Stoop Crone, level 3 Source: the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt An old woman (or creature) who hunts weak peasants (and hipsters) on stoops, stairs, or bridges...
  3. GMMichael

    Action Economy and Why Magic-Users Don't Wear Armor

    I was writing up some rules on carrying and readying gear, and finishing the portion that explained how magic-users prepare their spell implements for combat (spoiler: they're almost always ready), when I faced a conundrum: Since there are no armor proficiency rules, there's nothing to prevent...
  4. GMMichael

    OSR: Only 42 Magic Items. What Should They Be?

    As I'm rounding out my equipment tables for my OSR game, I thought of both D&D 3 and Skyrim. In both games, magic items were expected and commonplace, and at times - generic. So I might try putting a cap on the number of magic items in my game in order to make each one special. Of course...
  5. GMMichael

    OSR: d8 Battle Axe or d8 Broad Sword?

    A question from my continuing OSR saga: what's the difference between a battle axe that does d8 damage and a sword that does d8 damage? Both are one-handed, both are too heavy to continuously wield. The battle axe, however, is priced significantly lower than the sword. So what in-game reasons...
  6. GMMichael

    D&D 5E Why Don't We Simplify 5e?

    Back in the D&D Next days, my impression of the new edition was that the game would be streamlined and/or have its bumps ironed out. WotC would produce something more accessible to the masses, and maybe even ride the popularity of some lighter-weight games at the time (looking at you, Savage...
  7. GMMichael

    Med. Fantasy Equivalent of a Smart Phone

    Merlin, King Arthur, Lady Guinevere, and Sir Galahad are all sitting at the Square Table (the round one is still dirty from breaking fasts). Sir Galahad gets bored of the adult conversation, and looks for something more interesting to do while he waits with his elders. What gets his dopamine...
  8. GMMichael

    Quasi-Playtest: OSR Fighter

    If anyone feels like thinkin' 'bout stuff, I have a quasi-playtest for you. I'm tinkering with my OSR Fighter class, and want to give it 4 hit points per level. It, like all other characters, gets base hit points equal to CON score. Armor works normally (increasing AC), but to utilize it you...
  9. GMMichael

    OSR Minimum Requirements for OSR?

    I'm working on an OSR mashup of games, but my old-school experience goes back only as far as AD&D 2e. I'm using a modified THAC0, theatre-of-mind (no grid), classes and races, memorized spells, a thieving table, maybe roll-under skills...(don't worry - it's just for fun) What am I missing...
  10. GMMichael

    D&D 5E Simple Solutions to 5e Problems

    My brain's always on (after coffee), folks. Let me know how well it's firing... Are hit points Meat or Mettle? Doesn't matter. As DM, stop saying "hit" when an attack roll exceeds AC, and say "hurt" instead. If the player/situation calls for physical contact, a body got "hurt." If the...
  11. GMMichael

    Goal-Based Level Ups

    Here's a rules module for advancing characters by completing goals. What do you think?
  12. GMMichael

    Press Brand New D&D Conferencing Game from WotC's New Acquisition Modos RPG

    RENTON, Wash., Apr. 01, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Wizards of the Coast, a subsidiary of Hasbro, Inc. (NASDAQ: HAS), today announced that it has acquired Modos Role-Playing Graphics, a digital game development studio based in Phoenix. Modos RPG is led by veterans of the game industry with experience...
  13. GMMichael

    Does a Great Axe do 2.5x the Damage of a Dagger?

    When you make a judgment on how lethal a weapon is, and then express that judgment in terms of dice, something interesting happens: you can compare how lethal a weapon is in terms of how lethal another weapon is. In the titular example, chopping someone with a great axe is just as damaging to...
  14. GMMichael

    On the second day of Christmas, I got 2d6.

    Two brand-new d6s, one black, one white. I could just throw them in my dice bag. Alternatively, I could come up with a subsystem/rules module for them. Any suggestions?
  15. GMMichael

    Bronn vs. Vardis

    Fresh from a discussion over helmets and shields, I'm impressed by Bronn's decision, when facing off against Ser Vardis, to turn down the offer of a shield. Which of these elements would you like to use (or have used) in your game? Use of NPCs as cover Difficulty of attacking in closed...
  16. GMMichael

    Helmets: Under-Used but Over-Important

    I just watched a video of a warrior going into a to-the-death duel. He grabs his helmet, but to take it off, not put it on. Now I'm wondering: Why do shields commonly get special treatment (rules) in TRPGs while helmets do not? Should rules assume that wearing armor means wearing an...
  17. GMMichael

    How do you, as a PC, prep for your next game?

    Rumor has it that game masters spend some time preparing for a game session before they show up. But are they the only ones? What do you do, as a player-character, before the game? What should you do? Would the game be better off if all the players spent as much time preparing as the GM does?
  18. GMMichael

    You just gained a hit point! -Creative thinking-

    Picture it: you're at the gaming table, playing a character. Someone at the table has used a rule that gives your character one additional hit point. How has your character changed? What's different?
  19. GMMichael

    Poll: What's your level of rules modification?

    Let's find out how ENworld feels about new rules! This poll applies to game masters and players. I suppose the latter would be voting on what they would propose for their game or would just like to see in their game. If your answer is, "well, it depends..." then choose your most...
  20. GMMichael

    Composition Tools Inaccessible

    An update in the last few days (forum or Windows, I don't know) has rendered the composition tools (bold, insert image, emoji, etc.) inaccessible to my Seamonkey (Mozilla) browser. They seem to work fine with Microsoft Edge :geek: Is there a setting I need to change in Seamonkey? It tells me...