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  1. WayneLigon

    Name Some Swashbuckling RPG's That Are NOT 7th Sea

    Pretty much what I'm looking for: what game system would you use for 17th century swordplay and acrobatic mayhem - realistic or cinematic? Rules-lite is preferable. No magic, low magic - the magic level doesn't really matter. Consider GURPS and Savage Worlds to have been mentioned at the...
  2. WayneLigon

    RPG Blogs That Concentrate on World-Building

    Do you have a favorite world-buiding RPG site you frequent, just to make yourself feel like a miserable untalented worm? For example: Elyden: http://vorropohaiah.blogspot.com/2014/11/new-map.html Share some others!
  3. WayneLigon

    Signs You're An Aging Gamer

    Convo at the table: "So this Broadcast super power only lets you transmit to TV and radio? Do people still use those? Can I transmit to cell phones or wifi spots?"
  4. WayneLigon

    Four Color Problems with Savage Worlds Supers (SPC2) - Solutions?

    We just started a four-color level game with Savage Worlds, using the revised Super Hero Companion and already we can see at least one major, fatal crack in it - the archtype of the super-strong dude is vastly underpowered compared with the ranged users. It's mainly the way the strength table...
  5. WayneLigon

    SHIELD (Comics) Question

    Originally SHIELD was known as Supreme Headquarters, International Espionage, Law Enforcement Division and it was a part of the UN. In the Ultimate Universe, SHIELD is an American organization from the start. At what point in the normal 616 Marvel Universe did SHIELD become an American...
  6. WayneLigon

    Pathfinder 1E Negative Energy Channeling and Low Level Normals

    So, it happens now and again that your moderate level evil cleric pops off that massive thirty-foot-radius blast of negative energy in a globe around himself while in the confines of, say, a tavern or inn full of normal 5-10hp people who have the Will Save of a turnip. So they wind up taking...
  7. WayneLigon

    Montgomery, Alabama Seeking Gamers

    I re-started a new Meetup.com group, Montgomery Gaming Guild II. http://www.meetup.com/Montgomery-Gaming-Guild-II/ I'm hoping people will stop by and join up so we can connect tabletop RPG gamers in the Montgomery area!
  8. WayneLigon

    That Thing You Won't Ever Do

    Another thread made me think of this idea. The background: I ran my first ever convention game a little while ago. It was a straight-forward survival-horror Western using Savage Worlds. A combination of an insane preacher-man and some tainted water had turned an entire small town into...
  9. WayneLigon

    Fiction You Read Over the Past Year

    I'm always curious as to the reading habits of gamers. How many fiction books have you read over the past year, following these guidelines: 1. No game- or movie/TV/video game tie-in fiction. No Halo, Star Wars, Forgotten Realms, Eberron, Dragonlance, Drizzt, Final Crisis, or anything like...
  10. WayneLigon

    Games That Required Too Much Buy-In: Forked Thread: Games that didn't survive...

    Forked from: Games that didn't survive first contact. . . I think this deserves a special sub-set of responses. There have been many games I've wanted to play but after reading them I was like 'I love this but how in God's name am I going to explain it to anyone?'. Tribe 8, Nephilim, Mage...
  11. WayneLigon

    I Can't Create A Thread - Why?

    I keep trying to create a forked thread. The name is: Games That Required Too Much Buy-In: Forked Thread: Games that didn't survive... It keeps telling me: The number of tags you tried to add to this thread exceeded the maximum number of tags by 2. And it puts a bunch of garbage in the tags...
  12. WayneLigon

    What are the 'Killer Feats'?

    In 3/3.5 we had Power Attack and a handful of other feats that were 'more equal than others': so good there was little reason to take anything else unless you were deliberately building based on a strong concept, or because of special campaign conditions. What at the 'killer feats' for 4E...
  13. WayneLigon

    National Treasure 2

    I liked the first one, and this one was pretty darn good. In fact, with all the underground explorations, traps, levers, Spot Hidden and Disable Device and narrow escapes.. best D&D movie I've seen any time recently.
  14. WayneLigon

    Terry Pratchett: Early onset Alzheimer's

    http://www.paulkidby.com/news/index.html Hopefully something can be done. I'm going to start on "Money" as soon as possible.
  15. WayneLigon

    Gentlemen of the Road AKA 'Jews with Swords'

    Gentlemen of the Road by Michael Chabon (Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay, etc) was originally to be called 'Jews with Swords'. It's a historical adventure novel featuring two wanderers who become involved in a plot to restore a displaced prince of Khazaria to the throne. It's a classic...
  16. WayneLigon

    Heroes to get 'back on track' in Vol 3

    From Entertainment Weekly: On the chilly Monday morning that Hollywood's writers went on strike, Heroes creator Tim Kring called from the streets outside the Hollywood studio where his NBC series is shot. ''Yes, I'm picketing my own show,'' says the 50-year-old writer-producer. ''So surreal.''...
  17. WayneLigon

    Zuda Comics Is Up

    www.zudacomics.com This is DC Comics foray into webcomics, and so far it looks pretty darn good. I hope more than one of the hopefuls would get an ongoing; I like at least three of them, especially High Moon and The Dead Seas.
  18. WayneLigon

    Conan 2009 Teaser Poster

    http://www.comingsoon.net/news/movienews.php?id=38941 This is really the most I've heard about this project so far. I suppose the animated movie is dead in the water; I haven't heard anything about Red Nails ever being released.
  19. WayneLigon

    Hell's Heart is up at Dungeon

    Hell's Heart, the third in the Viktor Saint-Demain trilogy of Eberron adventures, is up on the Dungeon site. The interior art for the adventure takes another significant up-tick for this second online adventure; more of it, and all of it new. I can't wait to run this, which will require a bit of...
  20. WayneLigon

    I Need Girl Dice

    One of our players has gone off to college, though she still plays with us when she can. I want to get her a little graduation present. She wants a set of her own dice, though. (She very quickly picked up the 'don't touch other people's dice; she won't even let her boyfriend touch them). But...