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  1. fearsomepirate

    D&D 5E Deleting Bonus Actions

    Edit: I will be updating this post based on feedback down-thread. Mike Mearls is right. They suck. 5e ended up having a pretty similar action economy to 4e, which results in obnoxious things like Rangers being gimped if they chose a two-weapon fighting style. Another thing I've noticed is that...
  2. fearsomepirate

    D&D 5E The (almost) no-damage wizard: tell me your favorite spells

    I'm playing a wizard in our new campaign, and my plan is to take no damage spells outside of cantrips. No Fireball, no Magic Missile, no Disintegrate, none of that. Now, I don't want to hear about why this isn't optimal. I know it isn't! If this wizard ends up dead, oh well, new character sheets...
  3. fearsomepirate

    D&D 5E My Modified Ranger

    I have been using the following modification to Ranger for a couple years. It has been quite successful without being dopey, so I am sharing it. Obviously, this is a house rule. Don't want to use it? Don't! Want to change it? Do! Here are my modifications: Natural Explorer: You can choose...
  4. fearsomepirate

    D&D 5E Legendary Concentration

    DM: Behold, a terrifying monster! What do you do? Fighter: I draw my sword! Invisible flying wizard from behind his phalanx of summoned fire elementals: Don't worry, I've got this. I largely think the Concentration mechanic was a brilliant addition to D&D and, more than any other particular...