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  1. techno

    Someone Living Near Paizo Has the PF2 Books and Is Answering Questions and Posting Photos

    ...on Reddit. Link The CRB Table of Contents is here. Update: Apparently, Erik Mona from Paizo asked the guy to please stop posting spoilers.
  2. techno

    More Dynamic and Engaging Combat for D&D 5E

    Available on DM's Guild: More Dynamic and Engaging Combat for D&D 5E DON'T LET YOUR PLAYERS SIT AROUND BORED WAITING FOR THEIR NEXT TURN! Great DMs are always looking for ways to keep each one of their players involved in the action. Combat is at its finest when it feels fast, dynamic, and...
  3. techno

    D&D 5E Is D&D becoming TOO popular (More DMs Needed)?

    I recently had several couples in our neighborhood ask me to DM a game for them. I am running 2 separate groups to try and accommodate everyone. Few have ever played before. Yesterday, several more neighbors asked if I could run a game for them too. So, I am looking at starting a 3rd game. Our...
  4. techno

    D&D 5E Hero Lab Launches D&D 5th Edition SRD

    http://www.wolflair.com/hero-lab-dd-5th-edition-srd/?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_content=D%26D%205th%20Edition%20SRD%20webpage&utm_campaign=hl-dd5ed I hope Lone Wolf is eventually able to secure a license for all D&D 5e content (not just the 5e SRD content). Don't want to have to...
  5. techno

    D&D 5E MM and DMG Errata are Posted

    http://media.wizards.com/2015/downloads/dnd/MM_Errata.pdf http://media.wizards.com/2015/downloads/dnd/DMG_Errata.pdf
  6. techno

    D&D 5E DMG help with converting Pathfinder adventures to 5e?

    Still waiting, like many others, for my DMG. Now that it is out, is there anything in the DMG that will help make converting Pathfinder adventures to D&D 5e easier--particularly monsters, NPCs, and traps? Thanks.
  7. techno

    D&D 5E Setting/adventures by Paizo, rules/mechanics by Wizards

    As a long time Pathfinder GM, I am impressed by what I am seeing from D&D 5e. Overall, it seems like a much more elegant and simplified system to run. However, I truly enjoy Pathfinder's setting (Golarion) and adventure path products (I have a sizable collection). Is it possible to "have my cake...
  8. techno

    Pathfinder 1E Pathfinder Unchained in 2015

    Paizo just announced that they will release Pathfinder Unchained in the spring of 2015. Apparently, "unchained" refers to being unchained from backwards compatibility with 3.5. The monk, rogue, barbarian, and summoner will reworked (as an option). Sounds a bit like Unearthed Aracana for...
  9. techno

    Kickstarter Legendary Games AP Plug-ins Kickstarter Just Got Awesomer!

    Legendary Games AP Plug-In Kickstarter Changes Kudos to Legendary Games for sweetening the deal and making all their AP plug-in products available as part of the Kickstarter at a great price. Hope enough people sign up to get the hardback books at no additional cost.
  10. techno

    SORD PDF update

    Are there any plans to update the SORD PDF to include the latest Pathfinder errata? I find this to be an incredibly useful document and hope that it will continue to be updated. Thanks.
  11. techno

    [HackMaster 5th] Combat Reference Sheet

    HackMaster 5th is an incredible game but it tends to be "crunchy" (offering a lot of verisimilitude) and the rules are often buried in paragraphs of text--sometimes making them difficult to remember and locate. I created this HackMaster Combat Reference Sheet to help make remembering key...
  12. techno

    Pathfinder Review: Pathfinder Battles - Rise of the Runelords Miniatures

    Great review. I collect miniatures but this is this first time I decided not to buy an entire set due to the high price. I guess I have finally been priced out of the market. I do intend, as you suggested, to strategically order some singles in the aftermarket.
  13. techno

    [House Rules] Speeding Up Combat

    I love 4e but would like to speed up combat and make it more exciting and dangerous. I have seen various suggestions on how to best do this--typically by reducing monster HP and increasing damage. An idea I am considering is just adding the attacker's Level to all damage inflicted. I would like...
  14. techno

    Negative initiative numbers

    With surprise, is it possible in DNDNext to have a negative initiative number for the entire combat? That is how I am reading it, but it seems a bit strange.
  15. techno

    Does Torrent get XP?

    When Torrent is with the party, do you include her in the division of XP? I have been doing this but I am getting a little concerned because some of the early encounters in The Scouring of Gate Pass are quite difficult for a Level 1 party and my group seems to be falling behind the XP curve. I...
  16. techno

    Doorway fighting

    My players will frequently open a door, see monsters in the room, yell at them, and then fall back against the walls and wait to pick the monsters off one by one as they come through the doorway. Has anyone else had players do this? Every fight seems to have a crowded doorway as a choke point...
  17. techno

    D&D 4E 4E Adventures

    I am looking for some friendly advice about 4e adventures. I love 4e but I am not enjoying the 4e adventures from WotC as much. I don't have time to create my own adventures anymore so I have been running the Scales of War AP from Dungeon. These modules have some cool stuff in them but the...
  18. techno

    Extended Rest House Rule

    Because I am not a big fan of the "6 hours of rest restores all HPs," I am considering the following house rule for extended resting: Extended rest restores a number of healing surges equal to your Constitution modifier + 1 or 1, whichever is greater. Does anyone see any issues/problems with...
  19. techno

    4E Gift Set pre-order received from buy.com

    I just received notification that my pre-ordered 4E Core Rulebook Gift Set shipped on 5/23 from buy.com, complete with tracking number. Anyone else get similar notification? The other cool thing is that I got the set for only $16.82 after signing up for some "Revolution" credit card (deducted...
  20. techno

    Looking for D&D 3.5 Age of Worms players in Utah County

    36-year-old DM looking to start a D&D 3.5 Age of Worms campaign in Eagle Mountain, UT (in the Ranches area).