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  1. Roko Joko

    ZEITGEIST Prequel adventure advice for AP 5e?

  2. Roko Joko

    ZEITGEIST Any Zeitgeist 5e online tools?

    Mostly no. A few of the AP's art assets have been packaged into products and you can find those by searching for zeitgeist on drivethrurpg and the Roll20 marketplace. But like a complete battle map pack, resized for roll20, no. There are people who have run or are running it there, so it's...
  3. Roko Joko

    ZEITGEIST Post-Zeitgeist Setting and Adventures Discussion (Spoilers!)

    I just imagine that more technology would make the setting more mundane.
  4. Roko Joko

    ZEITGEIST Post-Zeitgeist Setting and Adventures Discussion (Spoilers!)

    It sounds cool and I'm happy to see Lanjyr get some love. Personally I'd prefer material set before the AP, so that it you could use it as background for the AP, and because I'm more interested in a pre-industrial version of the setting.
  5. Roko Joko

    ZEITGEIST How do various races fit into Zeitgeist? (5E)

    Racial culture is less pronounced than in D&D fantasy. Replace half of it with stuff that's more like European cultural concerns from the Age of Sail. Without nailing it down. Exotic races exist as rarities and if a player wants to play one, they can propose it. So far I haven't found a need...
  6. Roko Joko

    ZEITGEIST X-Men in Zeitgeist

    Minister Harkover Lee is Mr. Roarke, your host, and welcomes you to Fantasy Island.
  7. Roko Joko

    Glorantha HeroQuest - online weeknight EST - looking for players

    Looking for players for an online HeroQuest game set in Glorantha. Playing on a weeknight in the EST time zone, probably Thursdays, probably as close as we can get to weekly for the rest of the summer. Using Google groups. I'm GMing. More information here...