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  1. Soldarin

    Free Adventure (Second World)

    I finally put up my Second World (d20 Modern) adventure. You can find it here: Free Adventure
  2. Soldarin

    FYI, April 23, Eindhoven: The Gamers (film)

    The Eindhoven student association KOTKT organizes a screening of The Gamers, an alternative D&D film (http://gamers.deadgentlemen.com/) on the 23rd of April in the Auditorium building of the Polytechnic University of Eindhoven (TUE) at 20:00 hours. No admission fee. Anyone is welcome. The film...
  3. Soldarin

    Attention Dutch and Belgian posters: fun event in Eindhoven, 31 mei

    This is the announcement of a LARP weapons Knights' Tournament, to be held in the prehistoric village in Eindhoven on may the 31st. I'm expecting mostly people that speak Dutch to be interested, so forgive me for having the rest of this post in Dutch. English reading posters who are interested...
  4. Soldarin

    Modified LA determination

    This is a suggestion to fine-tune the SS method. Comments are welcome. Soldarin -------- Modified Savage Species Level Adjustment (LA) determination Unbalanced Ability Scores Determine the saldo of racial ability modifiers, counting physical stats as twice as powerful as mental stats. STR...
  5. Soldarin

    A closer look at the Hide skill

    Edit: Had the existing rules pointed out to me by Youngwiseone and had to change the story. Any comments are welcome The Hide skill, all in one place. I’d like to point out that just about none of the things I’ll discuss below have any official status. These are just the things I came up with...
  6. Soldarin

    d20 Modern Excel character sheet

    If anyone is interested, I made an excel sheet for creating d20 Modern characters. Send me an email and I'll send you a copy.
  7. Soldarin

    wizards and mentors (in Kalamar)

    Comments, please... --- Wizards and their masters. Every wizard has his master. Now there are stories about adventurers who found a spellbook or two and taught themselves how to work magic, but that’s just what they are ... stories. The help of an experienced wizard is required for anyone who...
  8. Soldarin

    0th level spells for every caster

    I was working on my D&D char sheet (excel) and noticed the odd thing that every caster except paladins and rangers get 0th level spells. I then decided to give some to these poor buggers, starting with one and then using the same progression as a wizard (except that it starts at the level where...
  9. Soldarin

    Questions about Chaos Magic [Mongoose]

    Can I do the following: *In a single spell have multiple transformation effects? *In a single spell have multiple moderate transformation effects? *In a single spell have multiple raw damage effects? For example a 15th chaos mage casting a spell doing 15d8 fire damage, 15d8 cold damage...
  10. Soldarin

    Sovereign Stone magic for generic D&D

    I've been trying to rework the SS system to have it replace the standard slot system. One of the bigger problems was the division into elements used by SS. Below is my attempt to fix that problem, plus how using this system affects the other classes. ----------------- Sovereign Stone magic for...
  11. Soldarin

    Some little info on Chaos Magic

    In case anyone else was wondering about some parts of this product as well, here are a couple of questions I asked Matthew and his replies. Maybe saves you some work. > just some quick questions: > Can a chaos mage multiclass with a psion/psi warrior? Certainly can. > The force damage...
  12. Soldarin

    Looking for Knight Otu

    I'm looking for Knight Otu, or else a copy of the old boards "Monster races and their ECLs, a complete list" thread. Thanks for your attention. Soldarin
  13. Soldarin

    Converting Sovereign Stone magic system to D&D

    Has anybody done this yet? It seems easy to equate spell level times 15 to CT, but I'm thinking on giving a wizard access to 2 schools to simulate the elemental division in SS. Any thoughts on the subject?