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    Check In [Everyone Must Post ONCE]

    Alright, for about the third time we've done this, we're doing a check in to see how many members we have. Post once, and ONLY ONCE, to acknowledge you are here. It'd also be appreciated if everyone would put forth in their post an estimate for how much time and energy they are willing to put...
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    New Site Layout. [Members Welcome, Council REQUIRED]

    Alright, as a council member, I think I'm the one who should do this (though maybe Cataverie would be better, since he's the one doing most of the work). We need to set up an site layout before we finalize any plans. We want to have a general idea of what kinds of sections we want, how we want...
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    Two Years

    Thats right people. Not sure of exact dates, but as of at least a couple of weeks ago, we have passed the the two year anniversary since the GMF first came into being on the WotC boards. W00t!!!!!!!!!
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    Awesome beyond Awesome

    I don't know about the rest of you, but when I play, my group always uses my vinyl battlemat. Its a mat with one inch squares, 22x25, that you can write on with an over-head marker. Improves convenience by a lot, and allows for my easy drawing of the map. I'd honestly suggest that everyone...
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    Your campaign settings

    This thread has two purposes. A. Explain your own homebrew campaign settings, so that other people can benefit from your ideas. That, and you can show off how sweet it is. :D B. Hopefully, we can use ideas from this thread to improve the campaign setting we are working on together here ...
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    GMF slogan

    This is for everyone to post there own ideas for a GMF slogan. Just post any ideas you have.
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    Specific crossbreeds.

    Lets face it, just sticking a half-fiend template on something is stupid. It would be far more interesting to place a half-barbazu, or half-nalfeshnee template on. And what about specific plane-touched? An Astral Deva aasimar is going to be different than a Ghaele one. So, heres my proposal...
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    Where do you get your inspiratoin from. What books, movies, or plays sparked your mind and gave you your ideas? I got a lot of inspiration from from Lord of the Rings, Riddlemasters Game, and Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever series, as well as others.
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    So, what's happenin'?

    Yeah, I know what you're all thinking. Oh god, another thread BoD has started. Too many of them die horrible, non-use realated deaths :( . The purpose of this thread is for everyone to say what's been happening in their campaigns. When you have a gaming meeting, post the events of the...
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    Need advice (Mr. GR DO NOT READ)

    So heres da' thing. I just recently got Heroes of Battle, the new supplement on D&D warfare. I've had an idea ever since I got Lost Empires of Faerun that I've wanted to use on the PCs, and now I can, thanks to HoB. I just need some help on the specifics. I also have another idea as part of...
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    Greatest Plot Hooks

    Well, the Foundation is really slowing down, and I want to try to help boost it back up a bit. Thought this was something some people might be able to contribute to. Enjoy.
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    The GMF campaign setting

    This is an idea I've been toying with for a while, but never got around to making the thread. I would like the help of all of our members in making our very own, brand new campaign setting. We will vote on things such as whether it should be high magic or low magic, what races there should...
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    Sorry, but at some time we all have to, at least unconsiously, admit to ourselves that some of D&D rules suck. I'm sorry to all those of you out there who are the hardcore gamers screaming "No! The rules are perfect!", but there really is no nicer way of saying it. Whatever the rule, from...
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    Best campaign moments

    This was inspired by a thread back at the WotC boards. What were your favorite moments in you campaigns? Were they comic or dramatic? Was it a single line, or a whole situation? Did your DM or PC do something amazing or hilarious? Share the madness that is the game. :)
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    GMF members creations thread

    Alright, anyone who has something they have made that they would like to share, post it. If you have a magic item or new creature, show it off to all the other members, and see if anyone else can use it in future acts of evil... :uhoh:
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    Random GMing links

    Post your links to online tools, like NPC and map generators, that you find useful. Help everyone share the goodness!
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    Tricks n' Traps from Hell!

    Oh, come on, we all know that there are few joys greater than springing a trap which you have spent sleepless nights on, and watching the PCs faces turn to horror. Post your favorite traps for others to enjoy, and feel free to tell your stories. :D Heres one I heard about on the WotC boards...