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    D&D General Did you get your start playing D&D, and what do you play now?

    I started playing rpgs with AD&D through some friends, in high school. We branched out to Shadowrun 2E and Rifts. From there it's been a life of trying all sorts of new games along with always coming back to D&D. So I got my start with D&D and still play it with other games. So many awesome...
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    D&D 5E So good to be back

    My first face to face session since the pandemic started is this weekend. I'm so excited to see everyone in person again, I just can't wait. We played virtually the entire time, which worked well enough. Though there's nothing quite like the energy of being actually at the table. We're doing...
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    D&D General Do players REALLY care about the game world?

    I care. So do the other players in my group. We must be a rare breed. Though the game world often has a big impact on the over all game and we always integrate the PCs into it as important people. Our games aren’t just a bunch of orphaned murder hobos. Not that other games are, but it does...
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    Superman & Lois

    I agree. The show does a great job of making the Superman moments heroic and awesome and making the Clark moments human and vulnerable. I also love Lois, who's just not going to be stopped or take any nonsense from anyone. The family dynamic is interesting and genuine. The whole cast is...
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    Superman & Lois

    Saw it and really enjoyed it. I'm a big Superman fan and I like what they did here. Plus it was fun to see all the little references to Superman in other media that they threw in. A really solid start and I look forward to more.
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    D&D Movie/TV D&D Movie should follow the Deadpool model

    So, in other words, you want to watch The Gamers.
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    D&D 5E Do you restrict racial choices in your games?

    I've only ever restricted races once. I was running a zombie apocalypse game and I didn't allow construct or undead PCs. I wanted everyone to be at risk of infection. Other than that, I never restrict races. I want the player to enjoy their character and play what they want. If I didn't...
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    Powered by Apocalypse

    Both are great games. The nice thing about both is that if your group needs something more episodic, both games can do it. It's built into Monster, of course. With The Sprawl, you can do different jobs. It's easy to lay an overarching story on top of the different jobs/monster hunts. So...
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    Powered by Apocalypse

    Awesome! Thanks for the link! My group has been really looking forward to this one. So we're all excited to try it out.
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    Powered by Apocalypse

    I'm backing Galaxies in Peril too. I'm not familiar with the Blades system, so play testing has been an issue. The mentioned that they were going to add some content on the core rules to the play test documents, for those of us new to the system. Last I checked, they weren't there. What I've...
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    Powered by Apocalypse

    If you want to try superheroes in a PbtA game, I very highly recommend Worlds in Peril. It's specifically geared towards the Marvel/DC superhero style. Gives you bonds for the supporting cast, team and base stuff and great rules for creating a superhero. Nothing world specific, so feel free...
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    GMing: What Keeps Long Running Campaigns Exciting?

    With a long running campaign, I have a few things I do to keep it interesting and keep players going. I let the players help build the world. It gets them involved and more inclined to care about the world. There are no lone wolf murder hobos in my games. Everyone has family, friends...
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    No Good Choices

    I've been talking with a guy in my group who shares GM duties with me. We switch off games, so we discuss what works and what doesn't work. One of things we came to learn is that what makes a good story doesn't necessarily make a good game. They're different and for good reason. Would I want...
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    Besides D&D, what are you playing?

    I recently ran Offworlders for my group as a pick-up game. It's an Apocalypse World System game that's a space western. Kind of like Firefly or Cowboy Bebop in feel. My group had a blast with it. I just ran the intro scenario from the book and my players ran with it. They had so much fun...
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    Besides D&D, what are you playing?

    My group is trying out Rotted Capes. We also break out Worlds in Peril fairly often and Gumshoe for Call of Cthulu. We like to mix things up. We break the gaming year out into "seasons" so that one person doesn't get stuck running all the time and can play. Plus it gives people itching to...
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    D&D General Session 0 Tips -- What are your favorite session 0 questions/activities?

    I like to ask some questions to help get the players more attached to the world and their characters. I like the “how do you know each other” question so we don’t have to play out meeting. The I ask for some friends and family, both local and distant. That has the added benefit of giving me NPCs...
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    On playing new game systems

    Trying new games has lead to all sorts of great games. In my group, we have a good mix of people who like to run a game as much as play one. We didn't want one person to get stuck running a game for years, so we decided to do "seasons". We have a few games that we rotate through ever couple...
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    The thread in which we are thankful

    Thanks to my game group. We’ve been playing for decades. Knowing how busy we’d be, we started Game Day to always set aside time for our friendships. Thanks to our spouses and significant others who support our Game Day, so we can see our friends. Thanks to all the new DMs out there. Stepping...
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    DMs, when have you found it necessary to fire a player from your table?

    I had to kick a player out of my group who I had been friends with for years. We have a pretty stable game group that’s been playing together a long time. Well, romance struck the group and two players started dating. Things were going great. They were together a few years and moved in...
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    Worst Purchase Ever?

    For me it was the 2E Skills and Powers. This was the min/maxer's dream come true. It had rules for splitting your stats into two categories each. Basically your stat was split into the bonuses and then the stuff you didn't care about. Then you could take from one to give to the other. Lots...