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  1. wazels

    Free The Quickstart Guide to Game Mastering - From beginner to running your first DnD 5e adventure in no time!

    Too many people who could be incredible Game Masters stop themselves before ever running their first game. They get overwhelmed with too much information, or feel anxiety when they compare themselves to the ideal GM in their heads. After 100+ hours of work, Sword & Source is proud to present...
  2. wazels

    Free Here Be Taverns 2 - Random generators for busy Game Masters

    Here Be Taverns is a collection of random generators designed for busy Game Masters. Sword & Source is happy to announce the launch of version 2, the first major update since 2015. You can try the generators today at www.herebetaverns.com This new version was redesigned from the ground up to...
  3. wazels

    Free [Sword & Source] Novus Bestiary: A collection of mythical creatures

    Since last fall, I have been writing regular articles about mythical creatures. The goal is to inspire Game Masters to bring them into their games with a better understanding or a new angle on these awesome creatures. Last week I released a fully browsable website. It will continue to be...