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  1. kiznit

    [Saturday PM] Old School Hack *Full, Accepting Alts*

    In this updated take on classic fantasy adventuring, take on the role of one of seven different adventurers as you pursue glory, treasure, bravery or whatever brand of personal awesomeness you desire. Old School Hack rules are fun and straightforward, take a look at them here. Dungeoncrawlery...
  2. kiznit

    What would your perfect D&D Boxed Intro set look like?

    I love the -idea- of the boxed set - there's something magical about the idea of a box you can take anywhere and bust out at a moment's notice, with a ruleset that's quick and easy enough to run without much, if any, prep. Of course, I suspect that everybody's got their own idea of what an...
  3. kiznit

    [Eclipse Phase] Feeling science fiction-y? Need some plot help!

    Continued from this thread, but you don't necessarily need to read it, I'll recap. It's the transhumanist future, set in a hard-science setting set still within the solar system but after the earth has been rendered uninhabitable. My four players are playing the following: A male criminal...
  4. kiznit

    [RPG Theory] What is an Adventure?

    How would you characterize or define one? Specifically regarding role-playing gaming, obviously. What elements are important to you? Exploration? Uncovered motivations? Surprises? Adversity? Your character challenged on a personal level? A moral one? A tactical one? I realize there's no single...
  5. kiznit

    Help! Explain to me the Disease Track, please?

    So we ran into this in our session today (Filth Fever from a Dire Rat) and while everyone in our group really likes the new mechanics of the disease track we were unable to figure out clarification from the rules as to exactly how it works. Generally, are the disease effects cumulative, and how...
  6. kiznit

    How has the 4e/3e schism affected you?

    Important: This is not a blame thread. This is not meant to be a thread about whether you like the new edition or not (please save these personal opinions for the multitude of already existing threads). The focus of this thread is meant to be on your opinion of the state of the fan community and...
  7. kiznit

    How do you tab your PHB and other books?

    Pointless new book gloating and clutching in this thread, so please ignore if this disgusts you. ;) Edition stance aside, flipping through a brand new Player's Handbook is a deeply enjoyable, gripping experience. It holds so much potential for excitement, thinking about the characters you can...
  8. kiznit

    D&D 4E UPDATED 6/20/08! kiznit's 4e Fold-over Character Sheet w/ Cards

    Hey guys! After the pretty good reception of my 4e Combat Crib Sheet, I thought I'd take a stab at making an easier-to-use and easier-to-read version of the character sheet, the official one of which I find to be pretty blech and I bet a lot of you do too. This sheet is meant to be the ideal...
  9. kiznit

    D&D 4E 4E Combat Crib Sheet

    Hey guys. I threw this together last night for today's session, figured people might want a copy. Figured it'd be nice to have something like this printed and handy to pass around. Contents: Anatomy of a Combat Round Attack Type modifiers Other Combat Options...
  10. kiznit

    New 4e campaign using Pathfinder's RotRL - Am I crazy?

    Surely it can't be that hard to convert, can it? Anyone else thought about doing this? I don't have the core books yet so I'm wondering how easy people think it might be to switch rulesets and convert monsters and bad guys more or less on the fly. I know Rise of the Runelords definitely likes...
  11. kiznit

    One-shot Design Workshop: Pulp Heroes

    So since we're wrapping up the Dark•Matter short campaign and we've got a few weeks before we're starting the 4e campaign, and with the coincidental timing of a certain fourth-in-a-series adventure movie coming out next month, I'm putting together a one-shot HEX (Hollow Earth Expeditions)...
  12. kiznit

    D&D 4E Has 4E lost its sense of wonder?

    When I first heard about 4E, I was skeptical and somewhat disappointed that it was coming out so soon after 3.75, right when I really felt like the D20 market was stabilizing somewhat. Then I thought about it and heard about some of the stuff they were doing and trying to fix and I really got...
  13. kiznit

    Trogdor the Burninator

    Anyone seen a d20 statblock for this monster? Just curious.
  14. kiznit

    Give me your Conspiracy Archetypes!

    This coming week, we're going to try a little D20 Modern Dark*Matter. I've got a copy of The Killing Jar, and the Menace Manual, so I don't see conversion as being a problem and plan on doing it on the spot. OTOH, I've agreed to make Pre-Gens for everybody since people aren't familiar with the...
  15. kiznit

    Best adventures from Dungeon Magazine

    So I've spent a bunch of time this weekend sort of "retiring" my Dungeon Magazine collection - which has really just been sorting them and putting them into a storable space. Hard not to flip through a lot of them. It's actually a little giddy to be sitting on about 16-inches thick stack of...
  16. kiznit

    Advanced HexCrawling

    So. We've finally made it through the Red Hand of Doom (a top-notch campaign adventure, highly recommended) and now we're trying to figure out what to play next. Some background: A major change is that we are trying to implement a regular schedule. This is unbelievably awesome - Instead of...
  17. kiznit

    My Day with Diaglo

    http://img517.imageshack.us/img517/8907/gachetva7.jpg An Art House Treatment of the upcoming Expressionist Film. by Kirin Robinson It was a simple Friday, with the saturated effluvium breezing up the courtyard that only a hotel filled with eager gaming conventioneers could bring. I was...
  18. kiznit

    [Rant] Bad cliches, silly names, and acting stupid around the gaming table

    ...I'm for it. I'm sorry, but it's the way I like to play the game. I mean, if you're rolling dice and make-believing that you're dwarves and half-elves killing monsters in dungeons, I don't think there should be very much that's serious about it. Sure, I can play engaging storylines, and I...
  19. kiznit

    Space... Horrrrooooooor!

    Hey folks! So we'll probably be finishing up the Red Hand of Doom campaign that I've been DMing in a month or two, and then we've agreed to do a few round-robin one- or two-shots before starting up the new campaign. I'm excited to play in the games that my players are bringing to the table, but...
  20. kiznit

    New Prestige Class: Cheese-eatin' Surrender Monkey

    ...okay, no. Not really. Any ideas for funny, silly prestige classes out there? Things that you'd never play (except possibly in the most silliest campaigns) but are hilarious to read? Just curious.