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  1. RangerWickett

    Paizo Paizo union in the news on NPR

    I'm right now listening to All Things Considered, a National Public Radio show. Their ending story is about creative unions, with Paizo's as the main hook. I'll share a link when I can. It's neat that RPGs are in a fairly mainstream news venue. They make a point that a lot of people will work...
  2. RangerWickett

    D&D General You're the high priest of an a nigh-omnipotent God. Once per day, you can decree an inviolable commandment. Be careful.

    I ran up a stone age campaign where the PCs were all champions of lesser gods, called together to figure out why it had been raining in the desert for days and days. Eventually they discovered that the God who created the world disliked how people were acting, so He decided to flood all but His...
  3. RangerWickett

    ZEITGEIST Get the Adventures in ZEITGEIST setting book as an add on for the Level Up Kickstarter

    What’s next for ZEITGEIST? The ZEITGEIST setting is a step away from traditional fantasy. In many parts of the world, day to day existence is much unchanged from how folks lived centuries ago. Fey trickery, prowling monsters, and roaming brigands pose as great a threat as ever. Priests and...
  4. RangerWickett

    Question about medieval and renaissance armor materials

    I've seen armor in museums that appear to have panels that are coated for aesthetic appeal. Something like this: I'm curious what the materials here are? Is it some sort of polish? A lacquer? Plain old paint? Is anyone here enough of a aficionado of medieval and renaissance armor to know...
  5. RangerWickett

    Mechanics that evoke a feeling

    Narrative description and player mood can do wonders for having a certain feeling in a scene, but there are times when I wish for game mechanics to support a certain vibe. Case in point, I had a campaign where the party had spent multiple adventures escorting an apprentice air elemental wizard...
  6. RangerWickett

    D&D 5E Ways for a demon to go incognito around a paladin, without being unfair to a player

    I'm planning an adventure where there's a succubus afoot causing trouble, but while people are suspicious a demon is responsible, no one knows for sure. Bad stuff just keeps happening. The party needs to meet various characters in the town, gather clues, and figure out the common element, and...
  7. RangerWickett

    Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

    This is a weird movie, simultaneously part of a superhero franchise and a martial arts fantasy epic and a pretty solid story of a family dealing with loss. I was really entertained. I hope you all see it so we can talk about it.
  8. RangerWickett

    Who's going to GenCon

    We're two weeks out from the best four days in gaming (are they still using that slogan?). I'm planning to attend, albeit with a suite of facemasks and perhaps a long stick to keep people at bay, because I'm anxious about crowds. Who else will be in attendance? Does anyone have games planned...
  9. RangerWickett

    The Witcher - Nightmare of the Wolf

    Well I thought it was pretty dope. Vesemir had a fun swagger. The setting had a sufficient density of Polish-style “life is awful” stuff going on, and the action scenes had really cool set-ups. Sure, the lead character wasn’t particularly emotional, and his arc was a bit thin, but I don’t expect...
  10. RangerWickett

    Anyone headed to GenCon 2021?

    I've been going on and off for years, and I'm thinking of checking out the con this year. Three months ago I would have been too wary, but based on CDC guidance I think it should be safe for me to go, since I'm vaccinated and am comfortable wearing masks. Anyone else planning to go?
  11. RangerWickett

    Tinkering with a homebrew game, looking for 'attacks vs fortitude'

    I'm trying to create a homebrew combat system, maybe to adapt as a full RPG, maybe to tweak into a board game. One element I'm trying to include is interesting martial combat options, using a mix of strikes for damage and other things that modulate the narrative of the fight and change your...
  12. RangerWickett

    D&D General What role do the planes play in your games?

    I just wrapped a short campaign where the party was trying to find a secret armory on the other side of a portal to the land of the fey, because someone who dreamed inside that armory could create magical weapons and monsters out of their dreams. But the campaign before that was just overland...
  13. RangerWickett

    D&D General Help me with a character personality

    (Mild spoilers for the first two adventures of the Pathfinder Strange Aeons adventure path) I have a conundrum. I'm playing in my friend's Pathfinder game, which he told us up front would be heavily influenced by the Lovecraftian mythos and involve a lot of madness and horror. He also told us...
  14. RangerWickett

    Axis & Allies

    I have been watching the phenomenal YouTube channel "World War Two" - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP1AejCL4DA7jYkZAELRhHQ - which has been covering the events of the war in 'real time,' with one episode per week covering the events of whatever happened that week 79 years ago. (The same...
  15. RangerWickett

    ZEITGEIST Adventures in Elfaivar, 522 AOV

    TL;DR - In last night's game I was trying to let the PCs possibly get assistance from some shady NPCs, and now the PCs want to fight Hitler. --- There's a ruined city that different factions are exploring and trying to get treasures from. We'll call them the PCs, the Spies, the Slavers, the...
  16. RangerWickett

    A question about armor and vehicles

    I have a game design preference question. Personal Armor Most every RPG has armor that either makes it harder to meaningfully hit you (e.g., increasing AC like Pathfinder) or absorbs damage (e.g., damage reduction like Rogue Trader/L5R) or occasionally a sort of hybrid (in World of Darkness...
  17. RangerWickett

    D&D General BBEGs shouldn't miss.

    The players get four turns to one turn of the Big Bad Evil Guy. It's fine if, in a combat that lasts three or four rounds, each PC misses once or twice, because overall the party still does something interesting each turn. I don't think the boss should miss with their attacks, or at the very...
  18. RangerWickett

    D&D 5E How broken would it be to let people always spend a bonus action to make an off-hand attack, even if they didn't use an Attack action with a primary?

    The genesis of this question is that I'm looking to come up with a few default bonus actions anyone can use. Normally if you fight with a light melee weapon in your main hand and spend your action to Attack, you can then spend a bonus action to get one more attack with a different light...
  19. RangerWickett

    D&D 5E Using all 6 abilities for saves

    D&D 3e gave us Fort/Ref/Will, which were basically Con/Dex/Wis saves. They handled things that affected your physical form that you couldn't dodge, things that you could dodge, and things that affected your mind or soul. 5e has saves for all six stats, but Str, Int, and Cha saves are pretty...
  20. RangerWickett

    ZEITGEIST Discoveries from the playtest of the ZEITGEIST setting book intro adventure

    Tonight I ran the first session of the ZEITGEIST setting book's intro adventure, Death of the Author. Aside from being my first time ever using Zoom to run a game, and my first time ever to use Roll20 as either player or GM, I learned some things about the rules we have in the book. Illus by...