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  1. theredrobedwizard

    [L5R / Marvel Heroic Hack] Legend of the Five Rings: Heroic Edition

    Since my Mass Effect hack for Marvel Heroic Roleplay got some positive feedback here a month or so ago, I figured I should post my latest exercise in ridiculousness. I love L5R. I don't so much love its mechanics. So, I took a system that I do like and made it fit. Well, for the most part...
  2. theredrobedwizard

    [Marvel Heroic Hack] Mass Effect Heroic Roleplay

    Since finishing Mass Effect 3, I've been itching to run a tabletop version. I heard the usual advice: "Run d20 Future!", "Use Star Wars Saga!", and "Mutants and Masterminds would work.". I even got a few more corner-case suggestions: "Use Dread!", "What about Hollow Earth Expedition?", and "I...
  3. theredrobedwizard

    Playing the same character since 1985? Gwah?

    I came across something which I percieved as peculiar and thought I should ask the gaming community at large about it. A coworker and I often talk about RPGs in our downtime. I regale him with stories of my weekly Pathfinder and L5R games, he tells me tales of his AD&D group. I had been...
  4. theredrobedwizard

    Keeper of Shadowfell?

    "Special Thanks to Brandon Daggerhart, keeper of Shadowfell" This blurb is in both the three core books and Keep on the Shadowfell. Who is this person (beyond being the supposed keeper of Shadowfell) and why does he deserve to be mentioned in all four books with a Special Thanks? Inquiring...
  5. theredrobedwizard

    New Podcast

    The guys from Penny Arcade were asked by Wizards of the Coast to do a little playtest a while back, all the while recording the session. Contains some fun rules bits, but mostly just an entertaining story. Also, some brand new art from the PA guys, as well as Scott Kurtz from PvP. Discuss. -TRRW
  6. theredrobedwizard

    D&D 4E 4e Playtest Characters

    Hey all. Now, to get this thread off the ground, I'm going to tell you this up front: These are *not* actual 4e playtest characters. These are my interpretations of what 4e characters are going to look like, based on the information we've been given up to this point. ----- Race: Eladrin...
  7. theredrobedwizard

    The Gamerphabet

    Just stumbled across this site and figured that the collected E.N. World kiddies would enjoy it. http://www.headinjurytheater.com/abcgeek.htm -TRRW
  8. theredrobedwizard

    Star Wars: Dawn of Defiance

    Do we have an actual, concrete release date for the first adventure in this series? Pretty, pretty please? All I've heard for the last 4 months is "October or November". We've run out of one of those, and the other is fast approaching. The Star Wars official website is of little help, sadly...
  9. theredrobedwizard

    Align this character.

    I recently came across a character, and would like to get your opinions on his alignment. I'll list a few points on his morals and let the thread go on from there. - He would never harm a child or defenseless person. - He wants to save the world from a tyrannical and thoroughly evil...
  10. theredrobedwizard

    Critique my Character Creation Guidelines

    Starting up a new Age of Worms game, and would like some feedback from the masses. Note, I'll be running the AP as stated in the modules, except in Eberron. I've got a group of 3 players, if that makes any difference. I've also borrowed some rules from Star Wars: Saga Edition to help make...
  11. theredrobedwizard

    Wizard Alternate Class Features

    Are there any ACFs that allow the swapping out of Scribe Scroll for something useful? -TRRW
  12. theredrobedwizard

    SWSE Web Enhancement 2

    Here. Didn't see another thread for this on this board; if there is one, please just lock this bad boy down (after pointing me in the right direction). Lots of info on encounters and such. Seems like a thorough thing. -TRRW
  13. theredrobedwizard

    STAP: Cap'n Trade and Friends.

    Hello all. I figured I'd give this storyhour thing another go, hopefully I'll get more response than my last attempt. I'm still not sure about the writing style I've chosen; I might go back and rewrite it in a more third person style. Leave feedback if'n you want. Without further ado, the...
  14. theredrobedwizard

    Star Wars SAGA Edition Preview in Game Trade Magazine (May 2007)

    Hey kiddos, just picked up a copy of the new Game Trade mag for May. In it is a four page preview of Star Wars SAGA Edition. The preview consists of a partial outline of the Scout class, as well as two pages of feats. So, questions? -TRRW
  15. theredrobedwizard

    Is gaming *with* a map and minis really bad?

    As a partner to this thread, I figured I'd ask the opposite question. Is it really that bad to use a map and minis? Does it bog down combat that much? Are chessex battle-mats really expensive or something? Do they really preclude roleplaying? What say you, gathered EN World poster-types...
  16. theredrobedwizard

    Divine Metamagic and Sorcerers

    In my game, one of the players is a Cleric 4/Sorcerer 2. One of his feats is Divine Metamagic (Empower Spell). Can he use Divine Metamagic to Empower spells he knows off his Sorcerer list? As as added question, when he does this, does it still take the normal Full Round Action that any Sorcerer...
  17. theredrobedwizard

    What's your group's AYCW?

    As mentioned in another thread, I recently calculated my group's Average Yearly Contribution to WotC (AYCW) at approximately $250 (US Dollars). This figure is an average of the money spent by each individual member of the group on D&D supplements. This doesn't include any other WotC products...
  18. theredrobedwizard

    Gaming Table Prototype

    Well, after several hours of basic design work and lots of nearly crushed and drilled digits, my prototype tabletop accessory is done. There's a lot of work to be done yet, but this is Trial Run 1. An overview photograph of the finished product (with minis and a Steel Sqwire flip mat)...
  19. theredrobedwizard

    Crusaders (ToB) and DR.

    If a Crusader (ToB:Bo9S) uses his Delay Damage ability, does DR go into effect once or twice? An enemy hits a Crusader (who has DR 2/Adamantine) for 10 damage with a weapon that doesn't bypass his DR, and the Crusader delays 5 points of damage until the next round. which of the following is the...
  20. theredrobedwizard

    Determining parentage.

    I've got a character who wants is unsure whom his parents are. What spell would be the most reasonable to use to find the answer to such a question? He knows who his mother is, and knows two men who could be his father. His mother didn't know which one was the father. My options thus far...