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  1. (un)reason

    TSR [Let's Read] Polyhedron/Dungeon

    12 years ago today, I set out to read and review every single issue of Dragon magazine. An enormous journey that took precisely 6 years of daily posting, and was left open for a sequel. Having finally managed to find every issue of Polyhedron as well, this felt like the right time to set out on...
  2. (un)reason

    [Let's Read] ARES Magazine

    Well, I'm back. It's now been a full year since I finished off Dragon Magazine for good. Still planning on doing Polyhedron if I can get a complete collection, but that doesn't look like happening soon. In the meantime, let's keep in practice with this little prequel. Anyone who read Dragon in...
  3. (un)reason

    Tales from the pages of Dragon Magazine

    Hello. Those of you who've been reading the forum will know that for the past year, I've been reading and reviewing every Dragon Magazine, in order. While certainly not anywhere near finishing this, I think I now have more than enough material to build a game (if not dozens) with. So this is...
  4. (un)reason

    Let's read the entire run

    A while ago, I decided to read through and review the entire print run of Dragon from beginning to end. (at least, the physical issues, as I want to be able to complete this, not get stuck on an endless treadmill.) Five months later, I'm about a fifth of the way through, and have found out quite...
  5. (un)reason

    [WLD+UA] Using all the variant rules.

    In unearthed arcana, they give a considerable selection of alternate rules, (most of which appear in various D20 games) such as WP/VP, spell points, armor as damage conversion/reduction, bell cuve rolls, etc. They say that there is no way that you could use all of them in a single campaign...