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  1. Nytmare

    Describe your last rpg session in 5 words

    Lost, and there are wolves...
  2. Nytmare

    Describe your last rpg session in 5 words

    One step forward, two back.
  3. Nytmare

    D&D General Would you fequent a gamer's hangout/bar?

    Oof, that is way out in the middle. 125 miles to either Portland or Seattle though... Just a little bit of a drive to support your habit. What about Aberdeen, how hard of a trip is that for you? Looks like there are a couple of shops up there that support in store gaming.
  4. Nytmare

    D&D General Would you fequent a gamer's hangout/bar?

    I'm fairly certain this is a fantasy most gamers have had. I know I have it alllllll the freaking time. I'm well outside of the target demographic for most of these places. I'm not a drinker and (outside of the apocalypse) my house is my circle of friends' gaming haven. I've been to...
  5. Nytmare

    Which image is better?

    Speaking with the authority* of my triple art degree, this one's my fav. * (my triple art degree doesn't give me a lot of chances to speak with authority)
  6. Nytmare

    Which image is better?

    The first one makes it look like a bad photoshop job of making the T Rex hold the book in its mouth. Between the two, I prefer the second one, but it would be better if all the books had the same orientation. The cover art of the robot and...dino cop(?) itself is good, is there a reason not to...
  7. Nytmare

    In search of monster goals during combat other than attacking the PCs.

    I think I wandered into this same conversation over on Reddit. If I did, forgive me if I'm accidentally repeating myself and not just recounting some imaginary post I answered in a dream. Why are the monsters there and why are they attacking the PCs? Is there a reason why the fight is happening?
  8. Nytmare

    What is your biggest RPG heartbreak?

    Not sure if you read it or not, but "The Strange Affair of Spring Heeled Jack" might tickle your fancy. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Strange_Affair_of_Spring-Heeled_Jack
  9. Nytmare

    Resuming Face-to-Face Gaming

    Sorry if this opens up a can of worms, but the world needs more overcautious people right now. Getting vaccinated makes you less likely to catch and transmit, it doesn't make you immune. Hanging out with other vaccinated people is safer, not safe. My virtual play hasn't involved battlemaps...
  10. Nytmare

    What is your biggest RPG heartbreak?

    I absolutely love the setting of Rifts. I have never ever ever come across a game that someone else was running however that sat well with me. The first time I ever tried a play by post forum game, it was a Rifts Atlantis "Splugorth prison break" game. For those not familiar, they're one of...
  11. Nytmare

    With how many people have of role-played with since your first game?

    Serious campaigns that lasted more than two or three sessions I can count on one hand.
  12. Nytmare

    With how many people have of role-played with since your first game?

    I'm well past 300 once you start adding in conventions, LARPs, and mega games. Every circle of friends that I've ever had outside of my current occupation has branched into at least one RPG group. I stood at about 30-40 people between 6 groups before I went to college. At college, I ran the...
  13. Nytmare

    Review The Irregulars (Netflix series)

    "The Irregulars" by itself was enough of a hint for me, but I've been on a Sherlock Holmes kick for most of the pandemic so it's all pretty close to the surface. I was kind of surprised though that they didn't approach it from the angle of a teen-aged Sherlock and instead opted for the "Holmes...
  14. Nytmare

    The Invincible (amazon prime series)

    Not only is the gore part of the deal, it's part of the statement the show is trying to make. It's meant to jar you out of your initial expectations on purpose. It's not there to be edgy, it's there to drive home the fact that the subject matter, and the people involved are horrible.
  15. Nytmare

    Review The Irregulars (Netflix series)

    I found it odd, because I think this is the first supernatural/Sherlock Holmes mashup that I have NOT enjoyed. I think that if it had had just a smidge less CW in it, I might have watched more than an episode.
  16. Nytmare

    Word help -- area sizes!

    "Distant?" Are you looking for a description of an area, or a distance from the party? Is there going to be another range beyond 10 miles?
  17. Nytmare

    What are you running right now?

    Running a play-by-Slack, text only, West Marches, Torchbearer game in a world that the players and I Microscoped into existence when the pandemic first hit. Real life has thrown a series of monkey wrenches into things though, and we haven't been able to get a group together to play since the...
  18. Nytmare

    Solo pick your own adventures using google forms

    You might be interested in the programming language Inform (Inform 7) I did a group project a couple of years ago where a random assortment of game designers and puzzles buffs all learned the language and spat out a really bizarre Interactive Fiction game in a couple of months. The language...
  19. Nytmare

    D&D 5E How do you measure distances outside of combat?

    It depends entirely on the game (exploration, intrigue, hex crawl, whatever) but I usually describe distances in travel time.