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    WOIN Magical patrons and converts

    I've decided to use the gods as patrons material in Appendix A of O.L.D. This has led me to thinking about what would happen if a spellcaster moves into a career with a patron from one that didn't. Like a mage with no patron who later finds faith and becomes a cleric of The Scholar. If they had...
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    WOIN Career prerequisite questions

    In looking into some character options I noticed that the prerequisites for some careers differ between O.L.D. and the Rules Reference Document, notably druid, ice mage, firemage, and illusionist. I'm guessing the book is right, is that a correct assumption? If the book is right, what would the...
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    WOIN Do skill requirements apply to upgrade slots?

    Page 75 of O.L.D. says that the quality of equipment is reduced to match the skill of the wielder. It uses an example of artisanal armor being treated as exceptional ,which seems to imply that SOAK bonus would be reduced. Does the same apply to upgrade slots? For example, if a mastercraft...
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    WOIN Magic item pricing

    The section on customizing gear on pages 106-107 of O.L.D. says that you multiply the price of enchantments for the quality of the item being enchanted. The section on making magic items on pages 219-220 does not include the multiplying. Which is correct? I tried checking the sample enchanted...
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    WOIN Archmage's apprentice and Knight's squire

    The archmage and knight in O.L.D. both have exploits that give a character a follower. What are the stats supposed to be for the apprentice and squire from these abilities? I don't see stat blocks anywhere, or even a suggested max dice pool.
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    WOIN Questions about create and teleportation in OLD

    I've run into a couple things I don't understand in the magic rules. The section on Create says the value of the item created is limited by the total MP spent on the spell. Does that mean you include MP spent on range, duration, and area to figure the value of what can be created? I'm not...
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    WOIN Can a Scout use the running skill to climb faster?

    The Scout career in N.E.W. has two exploits, Climber and Swimmer, that make a secondary type of movement equal your "regular SPEED." Does that mean you include your running skill dice for those if you have the exploits?
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    Armor skills?

    The errata removes the skill requirement to get the benefits of high quality equipment. Without that what do the armor skills do?
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    2 Questions Healing Spells/ Exploit requirements

    I have two rather disparate questions. First, does the rule that no creature can benefit from a given source or type of healing more than once per day mean that only one healing spell per day would work on a creature? For example, a warrior is injured and a mage casts a cantrip to heal him for 1...
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    Homebrew races

    I've made some fantasy races for a homebrew setting, and I thought I'd post them here to get some feedback. I used exploits from races in O.L.D. and N.E.W. where it was convenient. The races are mostly variations on the fantasy standards. Are any of these under powered, over powered, or too...
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    What creature type for sentient golem?

    What creature type would be right for a sapient metal and magic construct if you want it to be susceptible to mental attacks? I'm working on putting a setting into game mechanics, and one of the PC races is basically a smaller iron golem with a mind like a human. Since automatons are immune to...
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    N.E.W. shopping questions

    The party was shopping for gear after their first outing in my N.E.W. game and a few things came up. First, we noticed that it was cheaper to buy a new medical pouch toolkit than it was to restock spray dressings. The toolkit costs 75 credits and includes 50 sprays, among other things. The...
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    N.E.W. combat questions

    I ran a session of N.E.W. that was almost all combat. It brought up several questions. This'll be a long post, but here goes. Which modifiers apply to psionic attacks, like psi-blast, that target mental defense? Are those attacks modified by the same things as ranged attacks? Does cover apply...
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    A couple questions about starships

    I was building a ship using the Starship Construction Manual and noticed something that seemed odd to me. A mess hall takes up 4 Cargo Units, and if I'm reading it correctly that accommodates one crew member. That's 4 times the size of a cabin. Why is that? Another thing I was pondering comes...
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    FTL question

    Is there supposed to be a limit to the number of travel increments a ship can travel in one trip? I know after enough increments you have no dice for the attribute checks, but since you still get to your destination even if you fail those maybe the long trips just get rough.
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    Maximum dice pool question

    Does your dice pool maximum just limit the number of dice from your attribute , skill, and equipment? To put it another way, can exploits and circumstantial modifiers go above your limit? For example if a PC is grade 5 and has AGI 6, rifles 3, had a higher position than his enemy, and aims does...
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    general NEW questions

    There are some things in NEW that aren't entirely clear to me. I would appreciate any clarification that could be provided. The Medic's medical knowledge base exploit let's you choose 4 [medical] skills. I don't see a medical group in the skills section. I assume that means you take any skills...
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    Prodigy and talent origins

    In Future Careers it's mentioned in a couple of places that careers give you 4 attribute points per grade. Why do the prodigy and talent only give you 3? Are their exploits more powerful than they seem? I also noticed the systems upgrade grants no attribute increases, but it seems to an...
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    SRD confusion

    I'm preparing to run my first game of NEW, and I've been looking at the SRD for rules that aren't in the books yet. I noticed a couple of odd things in the SRD. First, there's a bit in the SRD under derived statistics that says you add your skill dice with a weapon to damage as a flat bonus. I...
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    Career/Tradition question

    When you increase a rank in an existing career do you apply the age adjustment as you do for a new career? If so "leveling up" mid-adventure will be impossible. That's not necessarily bad, but it strongly influences adventure design.